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GuidesHow to enable location services for Hulu on Fire Tablets explained

How to enable location services for Hulu on Fire Tablets explained

Not so long ago, Amazon Fire tablets were just ordinary e-books. Now their functionality has expanded so much that tablets are now like mini-computers in your pocket. Indeed, Fire tablets are still inferior in their diversity and capabilities to the same iPad. Overall, however, Fire has received a good upgrade and can be considered one of the best in its price range.

However there is one significant disadvantage that is important to keep in mind when buying Fire tablets – they don’t have GPS support and it is very unfortunate. Many people are accustomed to the fact that all smartphones and tablets nowadays have such a common feature as navigation. However still, things are not so bad with Fire tablets. In this article, you will find how to enable location services in Fire tablets and how to apply them to Hulu.

What is Wi-Fi positioning

Before you figure out location services for Hulu, you need to understand how navigation works in Fire tablets. The thing is that Fire doesn’t actually come fitted with a GPS chip. That means that they’re limited to Wi-Fi positioning only, which is less versatile but still pretty handy, especially in cities.

When a device that has both a GPS chip and a Wi-Fi connection joins a network, data is usually sent to the company tracking the GPS. This algorithm lets them know where in the world the Wi-Fi network is, and this information is recorded for future use.

And if someone later connects to that network using a device with a weak or non-existent GPS signal, then their approximate location can still be determined using this data. If there’s more than one Wi-Fi network in the area that has had a GPS location associated with it, then these can be used to triangulate your position more accurately.

That is, if you are often in places with a lack of GPS and Wi-FI, it is convenient to use the Wi-FI location services as companies have access to data.

How to turn on location services on Fire Tablet

As already mentioned, you, unfortunately, cannot access the exact GPS system through your Fire tablet, as they do not have a special chip. But you can use the slightly less accurate Wi-Fi tracking described above. First, you need to make sure that you are connected to a wireless network and that your device is not in flight mode.

Here’s how to turn on your Wi-Fi:

  • Turn on or wake your tablet and go to the home screen
  • Swipe down the quick action panel from the top of the screen
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi option
  • Tap the switch next to Wi-Fi to turn it on
  • Tap on the network that you want to connect to
  • If it’s the first time connecting, then you’ll probably need to enter a password. Enter the password, then tap on Connect

After that, you should check that the locations services option is correctly switched on:

  • Go to your tablet’s home screen
  • Swipe down the quick action panel from the top of the screen
  • Tap on the cog shaped Settings menu option
  • Tap on Location-based Services
  • Tap on the toggle so that it says On

Now you should be able to use Wi-Fi positioning on any networks that have previously had a device with a GPS chip connected to it. And that’s almost every network.

How to enable location services for Hulu on Fire Tablet

If you need to enable location services for Hulu on then follow these instructions:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to show Quick Settings, then select More
  • Select Location-based Services
  • Select On to enable location-based services

And now you can enjoy your Hulu experience fully!



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