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GuidesHow to delete an account from a Chromebook

How to delete an account from a Chromebook

Chromebooks are primarily fast devices that allow you to manage the work with ease and complete comfort, as they have a function to save all the data in the cloud and work on Google OS. In addition, they synchronize your accounts and remember them, so when you log in you don’t have to remember passwords and waste time. It’s pretty handy, especially if you have several accounts on your device.

However, when there are too many accounts, you have to remove the line or you may have your own reason why you decided to remove a user or several from your Chromebook. It’s easy enough to do and can be done using several methods. Anyway, here you will learn how to do it correctly, quickly, and without unnecessary gestures.

How to delete account from Chromebook via manual method

If you need to delete one or two accounts, manual deletion will be much faster than other options:

  • Log out of your Chromebook and select the profile you wish to delete
  • Then, click on the downward arrow on the right of the profile name
  • Select “Remove this user” from the drop-down window and select the same action again to confirm your choice

Keep in mind that while you are performing this operation from the Google Admin Console, at least one account must be intact. Google recognizes it as the owner’s account, and it generally appears first in the line.

How to wipe the Chromebook clean

This method may seem radical and a bit too much, but it will remove any unnecessary accounts at once and, as a bonus, it will remove cache files, excess garbage, and software glitches. Such a reset will make your Chromebook faster and more productive. For this you need to follow the instructions:

  • To start the reset, boot the computer and hold Escape + Reload + Power keys to initiate a reboot
  • Once the Chrome screen pops up hit Control + D, and press Enter when prompted
  • Then, hit Space when the next screen appears
  • Finally, follow the onscreen instruction to restart it fully

Once you restart your Chromebook, the device will work with the same software version, so it is better to update it after the reset. It will be a plus if you activate the “Forced Re-Enrollment”. With the option enabled, the computer automatically re-enrolls into the correct domain when the domain user signs in.

How special admin configuration works

This option is only available to users who are using the Google Admin Console with administrative privileges. This method may show a little overkill, but it has its advantages. The fact is that when a person logs out of his account, user preferences and credentials get forgotten/deleted at that very moment. Here’s how to do it:

  • Log into your admin profile at admin.google.com and go to Device Management
  • From there, select Chrome Management and go to the Device Settings tab
  • After that, you need to navigate to “Sign-in Settings” and click the drop-down menu under “User Data”
  • Choose “Erase all local user data” and hit Save to confirm

Is there any tips

After this operation, every time the user will log into their account, all applications, information, etc. will be installed at the moment.

Moreover, in case your Chromebook runs very low on disk space, the system may automatically remove the user profile that hasn’t been accessed for the longest time.

However, if you can’t find the “Delete Account” option, chances are someone else is listed as the administrator and only they can manage accounts.

Otherwise, Chromebooks are quite easy to use and easily load all of the user’s data. It’s easy to do business with, so it’s often used for business and educational purposes.



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