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AppleHow to connect AirPods to Dell laptop

How to connect AirPods to Dell laptop

After Apple introduced the AirPods to the world, many companies began to imitate or equal one of the most perfect earbuds, whose quality is almost incomparable. Listening to music in these headphones will provide the owner with a whole range of sound levels, and in general, will provide a good experience listening to music.

AirPods are wireless and are the most convenient, although, after the release of AirPods Pro, they are slightly inferior to the latter. Airpods Pro was released after Airpods and it has more features and reliability than AirPods. It also has perfect battery timing.

Most modern laptops come with built-in Bluetooth, as the topic of wireless gadgets is now as relevant as ever. However, not all laptops can support Bluetooth, and here the question arises, how to connect the new IPPods to a Dell laptop?

How to combine these two different devices without losing a lot of time in solving this problem? This article will show you some tips on the best way to do it.

How to pair AirPods with Dell laptop

There comes a time when you need to connect your AirPods to a Dell laptop and in such cases try this guide:

  • First, make sure that your AirPods are charged, then open the Start menu and enter the Settings. Select the application when it appears, or press the shortcut key on your keyboard Windows + I
  • Choose devices from the Settings menu
  • If you see the “Bluetooth & other devices” option, that means your laptop has a built-in Bluetooth functionality. Otherwise, your laptop doesn’t have it and may use Bluetooth USB dongles. Click on the Bluetooth OFF toggle button if it isn’t flipped to ON
  • Select Add “Bluetooth & Other devices”
  • Add Bluetooth or other devices will pop up. Select Bluetooth
  • Grab your AirPods or AirPods Pro and hold down the circle button for some seconds. The charging light on your AirPods will finally begin pulsing white
  • Look at your laptop and “In Add a device menu”, select your device and click on Connect. You’ll get a notification, “Your device is ready to go!

Now your AirPods will be perfectly in sync with your laptop.

How to reconnect AirPods via Dell laptop

The good thing is that your AirPods should recognize the Bluetooth device and connect to it the next time you turn earbuds on, but if nothing happens, you just need to reconnect them to your laptop. Here’s a quick tutorial:

  • Open the Start menu and type Settings or press Windows + I on the keyboard
  • Select “Devices” and scroll down to the Audio section. Select your AirPods, and click on the Connect button. Your AirPods should start working now

How to disconnect AirPods from Dell laptop

When you need to disconnect AirPods from the laptop, just follow these steps:

  • Open the start menu and type settings or press Windows + I from the keyboard
  • Look for the device heading and click on it in the Settings
  • Scroll down to the Audio section. Click on your AirPods and click on “Remove device”. Your AirPods will disconnect from your Dell laptop

Will AirPods ran out of battery juice faster if it is connected to Dell laptop

In fact, your AirPods were not designed for devices other than Apple, so they may drain faster if you use them with other devices. However, don’t worry, it won’t be a significant drop in battery life that you will notice it hugely impacting your use case, but there may still be an impact.

Will AirPods work as smoothly as they do on MacBook or other Apple devices if it is connected to a Dell laptop

As mentioned above, AirPods isn’t intended for devices other than Apple products, such as MacBook Air/Pro, iPhone, and iPad, so don’t be surprised if the performance of AirPods on your Dell laptop isn’t as thorough as compared to other Apple products. However, it should get the job done for whatever reason you need to connect it to your Dell laptop

These instructions will help you to connect your AirPods to a Dell laptop and enjoy the sound quality without using any additional hardware from Apple. These easy-to-follow guides won’t take you much time or effort.



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