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ComputingIs it safe to run a laptop with a closed lid?

Is it safe to run a laptop with a closed lid?

If you prefer to use your laptop connected to an external monitor, it is probably more convenient to just close it and use only one monitor. However, not all users realize that this may not be completely safe.

The main problem can be overheating. Not all laptops will have this problem, but you should still check whether your device can work with the lid closed. You can figure this out simply by examining the structure of your laptop.

Can I use my laptop with the lid closed?

If you have configured your notebook so that it does not shut down when you close the lid, then you can use your notebook even with the lid closed. By default, though, when you close the lid, the laptop should go to sleep. However, is it safe to use your laptop in this form?

Actually, with most laptops, you shouldn’t have any problems with the lid closed. However, on some models, the cooling system is made in such a way that when the lid is closed, the air outlet will be blocked.

In this case, the hot air cannot escape from your laptop and it will overheat. This problem is present mainly in Ultrabooks, which are made with a minimum of holes. For example, MacBook Air and some Microsoft Surface models suffer from this problem.

How to fight laptop overheating

If you encounter overheating, there are several ways to solve the problem. First of all, you should make sure that your notebook is standing on a flat surface. It is important that it is not a blanket or cloth. This way the hot air can escape more effectively.

Also, if you have a problem with overheating, then you should buy a special stand that will cool your laptop. In fact, it is usually a table with several coolers that blow cold air on your laptop.

Also, you should take your laptop to the service and check for what reason it is overheating. Maybe the problem is that the cooling system is damaged. In this case, the master can replace the coolers or clean them from dirt. Then the cooling will be much better. It is a good idea to replace the thermal paste additionally.

What can happen if your laptop overheats frequently?

If your laptop overheats frequently and a lot, you risk breaking your device in the first place. Too high a temperature can cause some of the elements of your laptop to simply melt and eventually your laptop will fail.

Also, a big problem can become a trotling. This is the system slowing down your processor so that it doesn’t get damaged by overheating. In that case, your laptop will glitch and work much slower. Various bugs and other brakes can also occur.

In addition to all of the above, very high overheating can even damage your desk on which the laptop is standing. If you use your laptop as a desktop computer with an external monitor, then I would advise you to think about buying a regular PC. Then you will have fewer problems and it will be much easier to make proper cooling.

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How to know if your laptop is overheating

The most noticeable sign that your laptop overheated is that it began to noticeably slow down and work poorly. This is the first sign of a problem with your laptop.

You should also touch the area near the coolers. If it’s too hot and you can’t touch it, this obviously means there are problems with too high a temperature in your laptop.

You can check the temperature of individual parts with the task manager on your laptop. You can open it by right-clicking on the start button. Next, you need to go to the hardware monitoring tab. Here you will be able to see information about how busy your laptop is and what its temperature is. The normal temperature of the laptop components is somewhere up to 60-70 degrees without load and up to 80 if there is a heavy load on your system.



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