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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How many Gmail accounts can you have with one phone number?

I think most of us have only one, maybe two, Gmail accounts. And usually, we’re using the same phone number for them all. But if you need more, Google doesn’t provide the exact number; based on real experience, you can associate up to four or five accounts with one phone number.

But there are also some limitations, for example, when you haven’t reached the limit of accounts, but you can’t register one more account with the same phone number.

And keep in mind that you can create an account without a phone number. It depends on how many accounts you’ve created recently – if you create many of them, Google will ask you to add a phone number at the sign-up stage.

So, before registering more accounts, check whether your main account has an associated phone number. At least, that will enhance your account’s safety.

If you need more detail – below are answers to the most frequent questions.

How many Gmail accounts can you have at all

Regarding the total number of Gmail accounts you can have, Google does not set a specific limit. In theory, you can create as many Gmail accounts as you need. However, there are a few factors to consider that may impact the practicality of having a large number of accounts.

Firstly, each Gmail account requires a unique email address. You cannot use the same email address for multiple accounts. This means that the availability of unique email addresses can become a limiting factor when creating multiple accounts. You can try using different domain names or variations in your email address to create distinct accounts.

Secondly, during the account creation process, Google requires verification to ensure the security and legitimacy of the accounts. Typically, this involves associating a unique phone number with each Gmail account for verification purposes. Therefore, to create multiple Gmail accounts, you will need access to different phone numbers.

It is also important to note that Google has implemented policies and restrictions to prevent abuse, spamming, and fraud. If suspicious or malicious activities are detected across multiple accounts linked to a single user, Google may impose temporary or permanent restrictions on creating additional accounts.

Can you have 2 Gmail accounts with one phone number?

Yes, having two Gmail accounts associated with one phone number is possible. Google allows users to create and verify multiple Gmail accounts using a single phone number, up to a limit of four accounts per phone number.

It is worth noting that I have not found an official answer to this question from Google. Users’ experiments found this figure. However, when I checked, I could create up to 4 accounts using my phone number.

Also, some other users have also said they could create as many as 10 accounts. Perhaps it depends on the region in which you are, or perhaps it is just another urban legend. But 4 accounts with one phone number is a proven number that will probably work for you.

How many Gmail accounts be associated with one phone number

Many users think creating and associating accounts with a phone number is the same. Let me explain the difference. The point is that when you create an account, you must confirm your identity with your phone number. But later, you can change your phone number and thus associate your phone with another account.

In this case, you can link unlimited accounts to your phone. However, you still need a spare phone number to create them. It is unknown whether this is a bug or a feature, so it is possible that in the near future, Google can remove this feature and introduce a limit on the number of accounts associated with one phone number.

Why can’t you create Gmail accounts using your phone number?

There could be many reasons for this. One of them is that four accounts have already been created with your phone number. You can try to delete the previous unwanted account and create a new one. The same problem can occur if you use the AdSense program. Some users have noticed that Google doesn’t like it when you register more than one account with the phone number you have attached to AdSense.

Rarer cases include that your number can be blocked for previous Gmail violations. For example, this could be due to spamming or abusing Google services.

The oddest thing I’ve encountered among user complaints is a user who purchased a phone number from an operator that previously belonged to another user and could not create a Google account because another account already belonged to the phone.

If you think that none of these cases concern you, try to contact the support of Google; they can check your phone number and tell you the exact cause of the problem.

Can you create a Google account without a phone number?

Certainly! You can create a Google account without providing a phone number. Google offers alternative methods for account creation and verification.

One such method is email verification. Instead of providing a phone number, you can provide an alternative email address. Google will send a verification email to that address, and you will need to enter the verification code to complete the account creation process. This is a convenient option for those who don’t have access to a phone number or prefer not to provide one.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Google allows account creation without any verification. However, creating an account without verification may limit functionality and capabilities. For example, without verification, you may encounter restrictions regarding account security, password recovery, or the use of additional security measures. Therefore, while it’s possible to create a Google account without providing a phone number or email address, it is recommended to verify your account to fully enjoy all features and ensure the security of your account.


  1. OK so Google tell me that I can have 4-5 email addresses using the same phone number. I have 3 and still get the same message when trying to add another, that I have exceeded the permitted number of email addresses for that phone number. I try using another number which is not registered and I get the same response. Explain please.


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