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AmazonHow to see a book’s page number on Amazon Kindle

How to see a book’s page number on Amazon Kindle

Not so long ago, people didn’t think it would be possible to carry almost an entire library in one’s pocket. However, over time things have changed and improved. Amazon was the first to offer its customers e-books called Kindle, which simulated the process of reading and at the same time made it possible to save a bunch of books and files in one place.

At the same time, there were also opponents of this format of books because Kaindl couldn’t convey all the charms of the process of reading. For example, the physical touch of the paper, the smell of the book, and the way it was designed.

Thanks to technology, Kindle has been updated and improved over time, supplementing the page-turning process and using various features for a pleasant experience. It’s worth noting that different books on Kindle may have different features and details, including page number display. Here you will read about how to display page numbers.

How to check page numbers

In the store itself, where you choose books and examine them to see what genre they are, who the author is, and study the description itself, then the features will also be there.

To see if the book you’re interested in has real page numbers available, scroll down the page until you see the features box:

  • Tap on the Page Numbers
  • Review the Page Numbers Description
  • You can even see the page numbers description if you’re browsing Amazon’s website for your next Kindle read

How to see the real page numbers with the “go-to” option

If you bought a book in a store that gives you the information that the display of real page numbers is supported, then you’re very lucky, because on older models and most Kindles only give information to their readers in the form of percentages that you have read. Well, that’s not exactly accurate information.

So, if you’d like to see your page number or travel to a specific location, do this:

  • Tap the center of your screen and tap Go to
  • View your page number

This function allows you not only to see which page you’re on at the moment but also to use it when someone refers to a certain page and you desperately need to find it.

How to view the page numbers via the app

Sometimes your Kindle isn’t available, or you prefer to read books from your smartphone or tablet, and then there should be no problem with the display of pages, as most browsers or the same Kindle app gives you this information while reading. As long as you’ve downloaded a book that has real page numbers available, you can see them at the bottom of your screen.

However, sometimes you can’t even see the page numbers there. Don’t worry about it, because it could just be a case of you’ve adjusted the text size. When you make the text bigger it throws off the Kindle’s pages so the numbers aren’t displayed.

You can readjust your text size by pinching the screen or by doing this:

  • Again, tap on the page
  • Then, tap on the Aa
  • Now, reduce the Text Size

Now you should see the page number. To resize the text back to what it was, just tap on it again.

Do Kindle books have the same number of pages as a paperback

Yes and no. It all depends on the book (and if you’ve enlarged the text). Page numbers that don’t correspond with the actual paper book could cause problems in school and in book clubs so before you download a book for Kindle look for a caption that says ‘Contains real page numbers.’

And yet e-books will never replace real books, but they have a number of advantages, which is suitable for each individual or vice versa – not so. Being able to browse through the pages is a very important element, and it must be taken into account when buying a book. Especially if you really need to have this information often to use.



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