As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.


How to download the Oculus app on Mac

Can you possibly download the Oculus app on Mac at all?

How to remove quick search on Chrome on Mac?

To remove quick search in the browser you need to follow some steps. After that, you should follow the recommendations so that you don't get a quick search again.

How to add a phone number to iMessage on Mac?

In order to have access to iMessage on the Mac and iPhone at the same time, you can easily figure it out.

What happened to Monkey App?

Have you heard about the Monkey App, but can't find it on App Store? Let me tell you what happened to it and why you can't find it there anymore.

How to turn off AirPlay on iPhone

Are you tired of your iPhone automatically switching to other devices with AirPlay all the time? Just turn it off.

How to change screen timeout time on Mac

It doesn't take long to change screen timeout time on a Mac. However, it will help you customize your Mac to your needs.

Can you play Stray on Mac?

Want to play as a cute cat in Stray on your Mac? There are several ways to do it.

How to play Sea Battle in iMessage

Here's how you can play classic Sea Battle in iMessage on your iPhone.

Can you change the battery color on iPhone?

Tired of the standard battery colour? You can find out how to change it here.

Does iMessage use data?

How much data does iMessage use? Is it possible to reduce data usage? Read on.

Does deleting a message on iMessage unsend it?

What new features are available in iMessage with iOS 16?

How to download videos on iPhone from Safari

It's actually quite easy to set up a Safari video. It also only takes a few seconds to download.

How to auto-reply on iMessage on iPhone

No time for reply? Your iPhone have way to deal with it.

How to disable Facebook in-app browser on iPhone or Android

Want to turn off Facebook in-app browser on your mobile device? Here's what you should do.

What does the green “Join” button mean on iMessage

You see a green Join button in a group chat and you don't know what it means? It's actually quite simple.

How to mention someone on iMessage?

What do you need to do to make a contact see that you tagged?

How to turn off silence on calls on iPhone

Here is how to fix silent incoming calls on your iPhone.

How to play games on iMessage

iMessage allows you to play games with your friends directly in a public chat room.

How to change the Apple Notes text color?

Is it possible to change the color of text notes on your iPhone and Mac?

How to play Gomoku on iMessage

Apple has now made it possible to play games directly in the iMessage app. Including you can play the popular game Gomoku.

How to add haptic keyboard feedback to third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad

You can use haptic keyboard feedback on the built-in keyboard, Gboard, and Swiftkey.

How to set medication reminders on iPhone and iPad

In the latest iOS 16 update, Apple added the ability to create a medication calendar right in the Health app.

How to bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad

One of the new features of iOS 16 is the ability to bypass captchas on websites.

How to batch edit photos on iPhone

This method will help you save time while editing photos.

How to turn on the battery percentage on iPhone

On some models of newer iPhones, the ability to turn on your iPhone's percentage charge level right in the battery icon is back.

How to use video text recognition on iPhone

How does Live Text work in iOS 16?

How to use remote control with your Apple devices

In a new update, Apple has added a feature with which you can remotely control your other mobile devices.

How to сut out objects from photos on iPhone or iPad

In iOS 16, developers have added the ability to automatically cut out objects from your photos and save them as a separate image.

How to unsend emails in iPhone’s Mail app

Apple has added an Undo Emails feature to its email app.

How to add widgets to the lock screen on iPhone

What can you get using widgets?

How to forget network on Mac

If you no longer need to connect to the necessary network, you can forget it. To do this you will need to follow a few simple steps.

How to enable emergency bypass on iPhone

DND mode isn't always good. Sometimes you may need to answer an emergency call.

How to turn off notifications on iPhone on connected Bluetooth devices

System notifications can be very distracting if you are walking around with music on your favorite headphones. The good news is that iPhones allow you to turn off system notifications on bluetooth devices.

How to transfer Google Photos to iCloud

Need to transfer your content from Google Photos to iCloud? Here's how you can easily do it.

How to use YouTube Premium on Apple TV

You can use YouTube Premium on your Apple TV. Here's what you should know.

Is the iPhone 13 waterproof?

Can you dip your iPhone 13 in water without damage? What should you do if your iPhone gets wet?

How to fix the Split Screen isn’t working on your iPad

The iPad in today's world is better than a PC for some people. People can take it with them everywhere and be able to...

How to get a Spectrum app on Apple TV

Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming devices that supports many apps for streaming any multimedia content. While Spectrum TV is one...

How to Split Screen on iPad (5th Gen) and iPad (6th Gen)

People who are actively using this function with the certainty that it's very convenient and multifunctional. Split Screen on iPad is a feature that...

How to cancel Paramount Plus on Apple TV

Paramount Plus is a well-known streaming service that is filled with entertainment content from various networks such as CBS, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and others....

How to fix can’t find Apple TV app on your Samsung TV

When choosing Smart TVs, many users prefer to purchase Samsung TVs. Of course, there are many different devices for streaming, but one of the...

How to split screen on iPad Air

The iPad supports multitasking. It allows you to use two or more apps on one screen. This is interesting both in terms of productivity...

How to turn on a split screen on an iPad

Multi-window mode on iPad, called Split View, was first implemented with the release of iOS 9. Since then, Apple developers have changed the way...

What iPad models support Split screen?

iPad is a multi-purpose device that can be used for many tasks. For some people, that’s just a device to read books or watch...

How to set up automated reply in iMessage

In today's world, people are starting to use text messaging more and more instead of calling. It's much more convenient and faster, and you...

How to fix AirPods not connecting to MacBook

Wireless devices are very common today. It's much more convenient than constant cable management. Wireless headphones, speakers, gamepads, keyboards, cameras, and more. The wireless market...

How to turn off iPhone without a power button explained

Smartphones are getting more and more sophisticated every year. You've probably noticed by now that there are always at least two ways to do...

How to change Bluetooth name on iPhone

Over the past 20 years, smartphones have become incredibly technological. Today they are equipped with many useful functions and help make life as easy...

How to free up storage space on iCloud

iCloud is Apple's cloud storage service. Every user of an Apple device gets it when they sign up for an Apple ID. Only 5...

Is the Apple Pencil worth buying?

Diverse gadgets make our lives more pleasant. Even if at first glance it seems that we don't need them at all. Does the Apple...