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BrowsersHow to turn off Facebook In-Apps browser on iPhone or Android

How to turn off Facebook In-Apps browser on iPhone or Android

Recently, Facebook’s iPhone app started opening links to third-party websites in its own internal browser, instead of, as before, loading them in the default browser. This may be a beta feature that Facebook is currently testing, having randomly selected some users, as there is no mention of it in the list of changes to the app.

How to turn off Facebook In-Apps browser

Many people have already tried this new feature, and it looks impressive, as web pages open directly in the Facebook app faster. However, there are some glitches. For example, the built-in Facebook browser when opening links to YouTube videos doesn’t offer a fast option to open them using a dedicated app.

That’s all good, but if you want extra features, bookmarks, familiarity, or the added security of choosing your own browser to open links, you need to dive into the settings and change this option.

The biggest disadvantage is that on iOS, the latest version of the app lacks the necessary customization. Unfortunately, you can’t download older versions of the app through the Apple App Store. So if you’re on iOS, you’ll have to use the built-in Facebook browser or just copy the link and paste it to Safari. However, if you’re using an Android device you can turn off the Facebook in-app browser, and here is how to do this.

How to turn off the Facebook in-app browser on Android device

If you want to turn off the Facebook in-app browser on your Android device, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Then, go to the “Settings & Privacy” menu and “Settings”.
  • After that, scroll down to the “Media and Contacts” section and tap on it.
  • Finally, toggle the “Links open externally” option to the “On” position.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to open links from Facebook in your default browser on your Android device. Facebook will now ask you to choose a browser when you click on any link to an external website. But if you have the default browser installed, the links will automatically open in it.

How to use Safari in private browsing mode

Safari’s private browsing behavior changes to protect your privacy. Safari will never open a private browsing link in a linked app without asking you about it. This helps protect your privacy. After all, you may be subscribed to an app, and it may reveal your personal information.

In private browsing mode, you’ll be prompted to “Open in {app}?” after tapping the link if it normally opens in an app. Tap “Cancel” and Safari will open the link in the regular “Private Browsing” tab.

How to disable or enable Facebook app sounds on the iPhone

If you have the Facebook app installed on your iPhone, you probably know that the app comes with a customized series of sounds that change depending on the actions to be performed directly in the app. So, if you want to disable or enable these sounds on your iPhone, you have to follow these steps:

  • At first, open the Facebook app on your iPhone.
  • After that, tap on the “Menu” button in the bottom right corner, which has an icon of three horizontal bars.
  • Then, on the new screen, scroll down and tap the “Settings” button.
  • Access the option called “Notification settings”.
  • There you can find an option that allows you to enable or disable sounds in the Facebook app.

Once you have completed these steps, the Facebook app sounds will be disabled on your iPhone. If you want to enable them again, just repeat the above instructions.



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