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AppleCan you change Siri's name? No, but you can personalize it another...

Can you change Siri’s name? No, but you can personalize it another way

A lot of people like using voice assistants, but they don’t like the name, Siri. Fans have been asking Apple for a long time to let them change the voice assistant’s name. For now, however, there is no such option.

You can still customize Siri, but the customization will be limited to her answers and voice. Maybe next year, with the new global update of iOS, there will be new features; we just have to wait.

Why you can’t change Siri’s name

You can’t change Siri’s name because Apple positions Siri as a brand. That’s true; they don’t call it a voice assistant; they just say Siri. Their policy is that everyone knows what they’re talking about when someone says, Siri.

That’s why you can’t change the name. It would destroy the Brand. You could say “Hey John” instead of “Hey Siri,” and gradually, you would forget about Siri. So I would say it’s unlikely that there would be an opportunity to change Siri’s name.

You also wouldn’t be able to change the phrase with which Siri “wakes up.” These are all parts of the Brand of this feature. Apple wants all the other voice assistants to be in Siri’s shadow, and they just need everyone to know Siri “face to face.”

How to change Siri’s voice

If you want to change your voice for Siri, it’s easier than it looks. Of course, it’s not the same as changing your name, but if you’re tired of a strange voice, it can help “freshen up” Siri. You can do this in the settings of your iPhone or iPad:

  • Select the Siri & Search tab.
  • Here you can select different voices under Siri Voice.

You can choose different voices, and you can also select different accents for Siri. Also, Siri has some differences in representatives for other regions. Please note that it will take time for your device to download additional voice builds. You can also configure Siri to call you by your Nickname. Just ask it to do this. It will also help personalize it.

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Can you change Siri’s voice to a celebrity?

Also, some voice helpers (such as Alexa from Amazon) can change their voice to a celebrity. And in this case, the celebrity will even say some of her trademark phrases.

Apple fans are also waiting for a similar feature, but there is no information about whether this feature will appear. This again raises the question of the Brand. The fact is that Siri’s familiar voice is also very recognizable.

Besides, it would be strange if Siri suddenly started speaking in the voice of some celebrity. So I don’t count on that happening in the future. However, anything is possible if such a feature gains popularity with Amazon Alexa.



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