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ComputingNvidia reacted to Nvidia 4090 cables melting

Nvidia reacted to Nvidia 4090 cables melting

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 is the world’s most potent, premium, and expensive graphics card. This novelty from Nvidia gives impressive performance results. However, with new graphics cards, Nvidia has a big problem. The power cables from this graphics card often melt and damage the connectors. Finally, Nvidia has commented on the issue.

On the Gamers Nexus YouTube channel, Nvidia representatives admitted that several users worldwide have been experiencing problems with melted power cables. So far, the company is aware of about 50 cases worldwide. However, the actual number is likely to be more. Nvidia claims that most issues are due to poor connector design, not the cables themselves. Since NVIDIA mentioned that it says, “the connectors are not fully inserted into the video cards.”

Nvidia claims their experts found wear and tear damage on the connectors on cards that customers returned under warranty. This indicates that they were most likely not fully seated in the connectors. The company commented, ” To ensure the connectors are secure, we recommend first plugging the power adapter into the video card to ensure it is securely and evenly inserted and then filling the video card into the motherboard.

However, even in the case of user error, Nvidia can improve the connector design to avoid such problems with video cards. Even though Nvidia claims it is a misuse problem, they will keep the warranty. The company would keep the warranty even if you used a third-party power cable which may have worsened things. So if you encounter a problem like this, you should rush to exchange it while there is still time.



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