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NewsTwitter is going to add gold and grey checks

Twitter is going to add gold and grey checks

We’ve been getting a lot of news from Twitter lately because of the change in leadership. And now there are new details about the updated Verification of Accounts, which will be seen as early as December 2. Elon Musk said on his Twitter, “Gold flag for companies, gray flag for the government, blue flag for individuals (celebrities or not), and all verified accounts will undergo manual authentication before activating the flag.

This is a continuation of past statements by Musk, who said that Twitter would “probably use a different verification color for organizations than individuals“. However, this is the first time we have heard official information about what colors and types of accounts will receive the new checkboxes. However, whether corporate and government accounts will have to pay $8 a month for a Twitter Blue subscription to get a check is unclear.

In a subsequent Tweet, Musk added that “individual users can have a tiny secondary logo showing their affiliation with an organization if that organization confirms their affiliation.” However, all individual users would have the same blue flag “because the boundaries of ‘famous’ are too subjective,” he said.

The original idea behind the new Blue Check system was that anyone who joins a Twitter Blue subscription for $8 a month would get a blue check. However, this led to many different problems, which many users predicted. For example, the first time the feature was launched, it was taken down after 48 hours because of a wave of fake messages from accounts defaming companies and celebrities. Twitter assured that it could moderate all clone accounts and would delete them. Musk initially said that the revised Verified program would be launched on November 29, but his latest tweet gave a date of December 2.



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