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AppleYou may have trouble buying a new iPhone during these holidays

You may have trouble buying a new iPhone during these holidays

Because of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shortage of electronics on the market for the last two years, from consoles and graphics cards to cars. If you’ve already relaxed that this is a thing of the past, there’s bad news for you. If you’re planning on getting yourself an iPhone 14 Pro this holiday season, you’ll probably have to hold off on your purchase because you can’t find the model or color you want.

According to reports from Apple, there may soon be a reduction in shipments due to a glitch in Apple’s main iPhone 14 Pro assembly plant in Zhengzhou, China. The state’s quarantine causes this disruption after the outbreak of Covid-19 in the region. Although the pandemic is spreading worldwide, most countries are taking the next outbreak much easier. But China is one of the only countries worldwide that still brings a radical, intolerant approach to the virus and its spread.

Apple says their factory is now operating at a significantly reduced capacity. However, even a partial shutdown or reduced capacity could affect the supply of iPhones worldwide. The fact is that this Zhengzhou plant is capable of producing up to 500,000 iPhones a day at total capacity and accounts for more than half of Apple’s annual iPhone sales.

The company is now working closely with its suppliers to “return to normal production levels while ensuring the health and safety of every worker. So if you’re considering buying an iPhone 14 Pro, you better do it now.



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