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NewsTelegram is expecting one more update this year

Telegram is expecting one more update this year

This year, Telegram began to gain more and more popularity. This is because the Telegram application is one of the most straightforward and convenient messengers. In addition, its developers are constantly developing their messenger and adding new features and tools to it. Thus, now Telegram acquired several new features just before 2023.

The first and most exciting feature is the ability to spoil a sent message. When you send a message, you can turn on a spoiler, and the picture will be blurred. To see it in total quality, you will need to tap on it again. This will significantly help users who run their channels.

In addition, new features will allow more precise control over the storage and auto-delete files, allowing you to set individual auto-delete settings depending on the chat type and exceptions for specific chats.

In addition, the developers have added new settings for profile pictures in Telegram. Now you’ll be able to set a profile picture for your contacts that only you will see. In addition, you will be able to offer a user a photo, and they will be able to put it as their profile picture in just two taps. There are also more detailed profile picture settings for yourself, allowing you to set a “public” profile picture different from the one your contacts will see.

There are also minor changes, such as more detailed settings for drawing and texting tools. You’ll also be able to hide lists of group members. There are also newly animated and interactive emojis that you can see in your chats and play with them. Hurry to update today to see all the new features.



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