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NewsMicrosoft is reportedly testing tabs in Windows Notepad

Microsoft is reportedly testing tabs in Windows Notepad

Previously, tabs were standard only in Web browsers. However, Microsoft has recently started adding them to various Windows applications. For example, not so long ago, Microsoft added the possibility to open several tabs with different folders in File Explorer.

It has been reported that Microsoft is already internally testing a similar feature for Windows Notepad. A Microsoft employee published a tweet (which he almost immediately deleted) showing a screenshot of Notepad with several opened tabs. Also, in the screenshot, you can see a big “Confidential” warning in the window that warns people not to discuss features or take screenshots, indicating that Notepad is not yet ready to go live.

It sounds very logical and exciting. Since you will be able to work with several text documents in one window, since this feature already appeared in File Explorer, it is not surprising that Microsoft is extending it to other applications. It will help keep things clear and organized if you often reach for the “Notepad” shortcut to write something on your computer.

Of course, for now you will not be able to use this function because it is only available for internal use by Microsoft employees and is most probably still being tested. This feature will most likely be available only in 2023, first for Insider Program members and only for ordinary users.



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