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GamingMicrosoft released a mini hoodie for their controllers

Microsoft released a mini hoodie for their controllers

Have you ever had a situation where you pick up your Xbox controller, and it’s so cold that you just have trouble holding it in your hands? Agree that this can affect your game and even your well-being. But especially for you, Microsoft came up with a funny solution.

Microsoft has invented a rather interesting solution to the problems with a cold gamepad. The Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie is an adorable little jacket you can throw over your Xbox controller to keep it warm while you sleep or do other things between gaming sessions.

The little mini hoodies are made of 100% polyester and sell for $24.99. Only white or black are available at this time. They also have small zippers and hoods. You can imagine walking into a room with the controllers like a boxer in the ring and then unzipping while looking at your opponent.

It’s worth mentioning that the first batch sold out in just a couple of days. Microsoft promises that the next batch will go on sale in February if you pre-order soon. Maybe even then, Microsoft will work on other clothing items for your Xbox controller.



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