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NewsYouTube is going to add shopping features in shorts video

YouTube is going to add shopping features in shorts video

YouTube is the world’s most popular video hosting service. This is because there are already thousands of hours of a wide variety of videos, series, and shows on this hosting site. But in addition, Google is constantly developing its service to attract more and more potential customers. For example, not so long ago, YouTube added Shorts. These are short vertical videos on the likes of TikTok, which should help the authors share different information with the audience quickly and without too much trouble editing and uploading the video to the channel. Now YouTube is bringing more new changes.

YouTube is going to add shopping features directly to Shorts. The Financial Times reported this on Tuesday. According to their information, the company is also texting some commission for creators on the site. These new ways of wages are being introduced amidst a market that has seen declining ad spending and an economic downturn.

The shopping feature will allow users to buy items as they flip through Shorts’ feed. You may have seen similar features in YouTube’s competitors. Like Instagram and TikTok. Today, all social networks and similar apps are trying to incorporate e-commerce into their functionality.

According to the latest information, the shopping feature in Shorts will be added to users as early as 2023. Video creators can earn up to 45% of the revenue from ads placed between videos. Additionally, viewers in the US, India, Brazil, Canada, and Australia can shop by interacting with product tags that their respective creators include in their posts. The company will extend this to other creators and regions in the future.



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