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GoogleGoogle Docs and Google Slides got another update

Google Docs and Google Slides got another update

Online Google tools are very popular with users. This is because their online tools are convenient and quite advanced. After the last update, Google Docs and Google Slides, for example, have become much more convenient for controlling your voice.

The latest major update to Google Workspace includes two significant feature enhancements related to voice control. They existed before, but now they’ve gotten more features, and Google has worked to reduce their shortcomings. Transcription and audio loss issues have been reduced.

Google has put a particular emphasis on two services where improvements will be most noticeable. These are Google Docs and Google Slides. Text Input in a document or presentation with a voice should now be improved, in addition, you will be able to add captions to your slides in real-time, and they will even automatically add punctuation marks.

It’s tough to do proper transcription. However, Google does a pretty good job of this, and its speech-to-text model is one of the best on the market. It’s about time some of Google’s most used services got them.



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