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ComputingElgato release their first 4K Webcam

Elgato release their first 4K Webcam

If you’ve been considering buying a new webcam, a breakthrough device has just appeared on this market. Today Elgato released the Facecam Pro. It is currently the first and only webcam that shoots at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. This device is quite narrowly focused and will be suitable mainly for streamers and content creators. Now they don’t have to choose between an ultra-high definition image and a smooth-moving video.

Beyond high resolution and frame rate, that’s not all the Facecam Pro can offer. It also comes with a 1/1.8″ Sony Starvis Sensor, the giant sensor ever installed in a webcam. This helps increase dynamic range and noise performance, further improving image quality.

Of course, the Eglagto lens allows you to turn on autofocus to move around, and your webcam will still focus on you. This means that you can use this webcam even if you need to stand a short distance away from the webcam.

One of the most exciting features for video creators is the ability to stream 1080p and simultaneously record 4K video. This feature works with the most popular platforms like Twitch and Zoom. This will help you record a video in even higher quality than when capturing a stream so that you can upload it to YouTube, for example.

Facecam Pro includes digital PTZ controls (pan, tilt, zoom) and Stream Deck support. This gives content creators the ultimate opportunity to record and broadcast their content. But you’ll have to pay a premium price of $300 for that.

Of course, this is not the best quality you can get. For example, you can get a higher-quality picture if you use a DSLR as a webcam. But where will you find a good DSLR for $300?



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