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AppleNow you can fix your Mac by yourself

Now you can fix your Mac by yourself

Earlier this year, Apple launched a self-repair program for those who want to fix their own devices and facilitate the work of Apple repair shops. However, until now, this program was only for iPhones. Now Apple has expanded it and added Macs and MacBooks to the list of supported devices.

Apple has confirmed that they’re officially distributing their program for the iMac M1, Mac mini M1, and Mac Studio. Their Studio Display also participates in the program. Apple has previously released parts and tool kits for the M1 line of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. You could also repair iPhone models starting with the iPhone 12.

It would help if you understood that this program is unsuitable for everyone. It is designed for people who know how to disassemble and repair small electronics. So most users should still turn to service centers. However, if you are confident in your abilities and you have experience, then it makes sense to try to buy tools and the necessary parts to fix your own broken Mac and save a lot. You can find a list of available parts for replacement on the Apple repair official website.



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