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AppleApple increasing the prices of their services

Apple increasing the prices of their services

Recently, the trend has begun to increase the cost of subscriptions. And it has affected both video streaming and various music services, and even cloud subscriptions. Now Apple also announced that it would raise the price of its primary subscription services.

Apple is going to raise the price of several of its subscriptions. First, the company announced a price increase for its most popular subscription service, Apple Music. Monthly subscriptions are going up from $9.99/month to $10.99/month (an increase of $1), and the family plan is going up from $14.99/month to $16.99/month (an increase of $2). If you pay annually for an individual plan, it goes from $99/year to $109/year.

After that, the company said it would raise the price of its other streaming service, Apple TV+. The subscription price will increase from $4.99 to $6.99, and the annual plan will go from $49.99 to $69. That matches the monthly cost of Netflix’s upcoming ad-supported streaming plan, which will launch on Nov. 3.

In the end, Apple also raised the price of its Apple One subscription, which gives access to Music, TV+, Arcade, iCloud, and other services in one package at a discount. The price will go up from $14.95/per month to $16.95/per month, and the family plan will go from $19.95/per month to $22.95. Finally, the Premier plan (which adds News+ and Fitness+) is going up from $29.95/month to $32.95/month.

Apple has commented on the price increase: “The changes to Apple Music are due to increased licensing costs, and in turn, artists and songwriters will receive more for streaming their music. We also continue adding innovative features that do Apple Music the best music listening service worldwide. We introduced Apple TV+ at a meager price because we started with just a few shows and movies. Three years later, Apple TV+ is home to an extensive selection of award-winning and widely acclaimed series, feature and documentary films, and children’s and family entertainment from the world’s most creative creators.



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