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NewsSamsung is going to unveil a brand-new Galaxy A smartphone

Samsung is going to unveil a brand-new Galaxy A smartphone

If you’re not a fan of buying yourself another smartphone for a thousand dollars or more, then Samsung’s Galaxy A line is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, soon the company will present us with a new model from this line, which promises to be very interesting.

The Indian branch of Samsung said that they would hold an event where they will present a brand new smartphone Galaxy A. So far, there is no official confirmation of what the smartphone will be, but there are rumors that it will be the Galaxy A54. The announcement page mentions several specs, such as a 120Hz screen, a “no shake” camera, and 8GB of RAM. We also have three color options, including burgundy, black and green.

Thanks to leaks and rumors that have been appearing for quite some time, we can assume that these are precisely the specifications of the Galaxy A54 smartphone. So even if it’s not named, it’s not hard to guess what kind of phone it could be.

Although this event will be held in India, the Galaxy A line of smartphones is selling well everywhere, including the U.S. So, most likely, the company will start selling in India and later release it on the world market. In addition, the company may not want to distract attention from its next big release, the Galaxy S23 series, which is also rumored to be unveiled in the next few weeks.



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