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AndroidGoogle will allow parents to monitor their kids' purchases on Google Play

Google will allow parents to monitor their kids’ purchases on Google Play

Today’s world is very dependent on online shopping and various online payments. I can say that children are in particular danger because they are easily influenced by aggressive advertising to spend large amounts of money on their credit cards without their parent’s knowledge. But now Google Play will give parents better control over their children’s purchases, as they will be forced to ask their parents to buy one item or another.

If you don’t have a family payment method, you can turn on the option in your children’s accounts to ask you for approval to buy something from the Play Store. This means your kids will send you an “approval request” to buy the app or in-app purchase yourself.

If you decide to approve this request, Google will take money from your payment method attached to your account and will not be shared with other family members. And once you pay for the purchase, it will be immediately available in your child’s Google account.

This will allow you to buy items on the Play Store without adding your credit card to your child’s account or using it as a family payment method. With this tool, you’ll be able to monitor every purchase your child makes and keep them from buying unnecessary items or accidentally paying for games. You can find out how to set up this payment method on a new Google Support page. However, you should be aware that only managers in the Family Group can use this.



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