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CarriersDelta is about to launch a free Wi-Fi hotspot on its planes

Delta is about to launch a free Wi-Fi hotspot on its planes

One of the main disadvantages of long flights is the lack of Internet access. To be exact, on some flights, there is access, but it is a paid option and costs quite a lot. You can pay for it when booking or immediately after boarding the plane. Delta is changing that formula by promising free Wi-Fi on planes starting in February.

Delta officials said that in partnership with T-Mobile, there would be free Wi-Fi on most domestic planes starting Feb. 1. This will make Delta the first major airline in the U.S. to provide such a service to its customers.

Delta plans to add free Wi-Fi access to 700 Viasat-equipped planes, and by the end of 2024, Delta plans to extend the feature to international and regional flights.

Many T-Mobile customers already enjoy free Wi-Fi on Delta flights. However, Delta wants to extend this to all its passengers. To take advantage of this benefit, sign in to your Delta SkyMiles account (which you can create for free), and you’ll be able to connect to the network.

Delta has described the feature as “fast, free Wi-Fi.” While the company hasn’t given any real numbers yet, Delta’s Wi-Fi is decent compared to regular airplane internet. We’ll see if it’s as good when it becomes available to everyone.



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