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NewsTwitter testing its new Blue subscription on the latest iOS update

Twitter testing its new Blue subscription on the latest iOS update

Everyone is talking about how Twitter will soon introduce paid verification on its service. If you pay $8 monthly to subscribe to Twitter Blue, you can get a verification check mark. Many users are not very happy with this update and are afraid that it will bring chaos and a lot of misinformation to Twitter.

So far, however, it looks like we’ll get this feature as soon as this week. Already, some users are in the App Store for iPhones in the description of the Twitter app, and under what’s new, it mentions paid verification. The notes say that “starting today,” if you “sign up now” for Twitter Blue, “your account will get a blue tick, as will the celebrities, companies, and politicians you already follow.” For now, however, this program is not yet up and running.

Bloomberg reported that an $8-a-month verification fee plan could be launched as early as next week. Likewise, some sources say Musk gave employees until Monday, November 7, to launch.

The verification process was initially created so users could distinguish accounts that belong to celebrities or companies. After Twitter verifies you, a blue checkmark will appear next to your nickname in your account. You couldn’t buy it, and it was only given to popular users with thousands of followers.

9to5Mac reported that with Saturday’s update, “Twitter has also removed all previous verification infrastructure, including the previously required application process.” So far, it’s unclear if there will be any new verification process if paying for a subscription will suffice, and if anyone can get the blue tick.

Also, Elon Musk stated that the feature would be available worldwide after it was proven to work. In addition, he promised that Twitter would fight imposters and block their accounts if they spread fakes.



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