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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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The Steam Deck’s 2nd-gen is probably not going to be much more powerful

Earlier representatives of Steam Company said that Steam Deck is designed for several generations. But now there is information that the second generation of Steam Deck will not get a significant upgrade in terms of performance. So Steam Deck fans shouldn’t count on it too much.

The other day there was an interview published by The Verge with Steam Deck designers Pierre Loup-Griffais and Lawrence Yang, where they talked about many things related to Steam Deck. Among other things, they talked about the ongoing efforts to improve the Steam Deck equipment that is delivered to customers. One of the conclusions of their talk was that the company isn’t sure if it will be working on significant performance improvements in the second-generation product.

Both designers acknowledged that the Steam Deck has two significant flaws that must be addressed in the sequel – the screen and low battery life. They said no when asked directly if the second generation would work better.

The fact is that they said Valve at the moment is still thinking and weighing whether to maintain the consistency of the hardware. Griffis stated that it is essential to Valve that all Steam Deck users can play the same games. So it’s likely that Valve will be looking to improve the design and other details, but don’t expect much improvement in terms of performance.

Don’t rush to get frustrated and spend all the money you put aside for a second-generation Steam Deck. The fact is that this does not mean that the second generation will be the wrong solution. As we’ve seen with Nintendo’s Switch OLED display, this device can be a good upgrade. Most likely, the second generation of the Steam Deck will be a similar upgrade within the same generation.

You can already play many games on your Steam Deck, including even the most popular projects on Steam, but the Steam Deck will soon need an upgrade as PC games evolve and become more and more demanding to the hardware. In addition, the first generation has a few unpleasant problems that must be fixed.

Valve has also answered a few other popular questions about Steam Deck. The company has stated that their first generation Steam Deck may never be as stable as a regular console, but Valve is constantly working on improvements. So it probably makes sense to get the Steam Deck now and not wait for the second generation.



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