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AppleShazam received a very important update

Shazam received a very important update

Did you know that Apple owns the Shazam music search app? Despite this, Apple hasn’t stopped releasing the app on Android devices and is even regularly making users happy with new updates. And now Shazam has another important update that will make it easier for many people to use.

Everyone has used Shazam at least once to identify a track playing in a restaurant or an amusement park. The problem is that you often have to unlock your phone and open the app to do this, and the track may already be running out. Now that problem is likely to disappear. In the latest update to Shazam for Android, they’ve finally released improved widgets that you can use to search for music from your smartphone’s desktop.

This innovation appears in version 13.7 of the Shazam app for Android. All you need to do is tap on the widget, and it will start detecting your track immediately. The update has also redesigned the device for Material You in Android 12 and 13. The widget can search for a song and give results without opening the app.

Considering that this widget used to be just a big icon to open Shazam, this is a significant improvement. In addition, users have noted that it works without any lags and is very fast. The update is already available to all android users, so hurry to upgrade. And don’t forget that you can always ask Google to find music if Shazam takes a long time to launch.



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