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GamingSteam allowed players to see game stats of the year

Steam allowed players to see game stats of the year

If you’re into PC gaming, you’ve probably come across the Steam site more than once, and it’s your primary platform for buying games. Steam has become more than just a store. Here, you can communicate with friends, leave game reviews, and boast about gaming achievements.

Like many other platforms, Steam provides its users with an annual opportunity to collect and view game time statistics for the previous year in one place. On a particular Steam page, you can access an extensive report on what you have been up to this year.

It will list the games you have played the most, the devices you have used, how many achievements you have had during the year, and the number of days you have logged into games. An exciting feature also allows you to compare your results with other Steam users and see the average between all players.

This option will be available to everyone for a limited time, so take your time to see your report. Only the games you played from January 1, 2022, to December 14, 2022, will be counted. Also, statistics are not written games in offline mode, and any tools and programs on Steam are not considered games.

To share with your friends, you can use the Share button to create a link to your report or generate a picture with the most critical numbers for the year.



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