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AppleApple will release the Satellite SOS as early as this November

Apple will release the Satellite SOS as early as this November

At the time of the release of the new iPhone 14, Apple announced that it would have a satellite SOS feature. However, at the moment, users still haven’t gotten access to this feature. Now Apple has said that very soon, this feature will be available.

Satellite SOS allows you to call for help when you are out of cellular coverage. The company has announced that it will become available on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro “later this month. Also, in the announcement, Apple elaborates on how the feature works and why it’s made possible. Globalstar operates 24 satellites in low Earth orbit and has been a significant partner.

Once your iPhone 14 sends a satellite SOS signal, it is transmitted to one of Globalstar’s satellites. The signal will then be routed to a ground station, of which there are many in critical locations around the world. From these points, the message will be delivered to emergency services, allowing you to get help from the outside world, even if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

It took extra time to calibrate this feature and prepare Apple’s ground stations, as they have to be ready to work to handle user requests. The antennas used for these stations are manufactured by Cobham Satcom specifically for Apple. This feature will most likely be included in the upcoming iOS update.



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