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AppleExcel's Automate tab added on Windows and Mac

Excel’s Automate tab added on Windows and Mac

During the recent CES show, Microsoft released several valuable updates to its Microsoft 365 office suite. Now a tab for Excel called “Automation” will also be available in the desktop version of the spreadsheet application.

Microsoft representatives said that Automate tab in Excel, which was previously available only in the web version of Excel, will now be available not only to the online client. You can already try it out in the desktop version of Excel for Windows and Mac.

Like the web version, Automate allows users to automate some repetitive activities during work using Office Scripts. They can be tricky to learn, but once you get the hang of them, you can streamline your workflow.

To do this, you must check the current version of Excel and update it to the latest version on your computer. I can also advise you to read the documentation on Office scripts and create your scripts based on them. In addition to working in Excel, they can also integrate with other Microsoft 365 services. For example, you can create a script that automatically updates a spreadsheet when a response is received in Microsoft Forms.

The update is available now for both Windows and Mac users. So hurry to upgrade to enjoy all the benefits of the Automate tab.



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