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ComputingAsus released the world’s most thin 14-inch laptop

Asus released the world’s most thin 14-inch laptop

MacBooks have now captured the niche of thin, high-performance premium laptops. However, now they have a pretty strong competitor. As thin models have recently become increasingly popular, the company Asus, known for the quality of its laptops today, has released a direct competitor MacBook Pro. According to the company, it is the thinnest 14-inch laptop in existence.

Already available for purchase is the new ASUS ExpertBook B9, which is part of the recent announcements of Asus in the ExpertBook series. Asus claims that this laptop is the lightest and thinnest 14-inch laptop on the market. Its thickness is 0.59 inches (1.49 cm). In addition, it has a pretty good performance. It has 12th generation Intel Core i7 on board and uses the vPro platform, which means that it is an excellent option for business and work on the go.

Asus also notes that despite its size, the ExpertBook B9 will provide users with quite a long battery life. The official estimate is 16 hours of battery life, but consider that battery estimates from PC manufacturers are always best-case scenarios. On top of that, there’s also a 1TB SSD and 16GB of DDR5 RAM on board.

You can buy this laptop right now at Amazon’s online store. ASUS offers a $1,840.85, which is quite expensive for a laptop, although quite acceptable compared to laptops from Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup. This is one of the most exciting and attractive premium Windows laptops for work and business today.



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