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GuidesHow to reset Samsung TV to factory settings

How to reset Samsung TV to factory settings

If your Samsung Smart TV isn’t working properly, you can restart the various settings and the TV itself to try to fix the problem. The best solution will be to reset your Samsung TV to factory settings.

How to factory reset Samsung TV

When watching a Samsung TV, the user may encounter some malfunctions. They can be due to hardware or software problems. And if in the first case, only a specialist will be able to help, the second problem can be solved by yourself. Of course, if there are no complicating circumstances.

If the TV keeps rebooting, the problem is probably caused by a software problem. This type of problem is caused by a system problem. There are several different ways to restore the correct operation of the device, but there’s no doubt that the best option is a reset.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to recover a device that may spontaneously shut down, freeze, or play videos slowly is to reset it to factory settings. A factory reset on the Samsung Smart TV is a logical solution to most problems.

The specific order of actions depends on the device model and software specifics. However, the basic steps remain the same. The user is recommended to get acquainted with the instructions on resetting settings in the devices from different series, as well as to foresee the possible consequences of such a decision.

Well, here’s how to reset Samsung TV to factory settings.

How does a factory reset work

TV malfunctions can manifest themselves as unexpected shutdowns, reboots, slow operation, and a variety of other signs. It can be extremely difficult to determine the exact cause of the failure, so it’s usually recommended to use the general recommendations to restore the functionality of the TV.

These recommendations are based on statistical data, according to which the main cause of unstable operation lies in incorrect user settings. The specific set of programs installed on your device also has an effect. Some apps may conflict with each other, thus causing malfunctions.

A factory reset allows you to roll the system back to when it was at its most functional. Once the procedure is complete, the user receives the TV the way it was purchased in the store.

What happens to the TV after a factory reset

A complete factory reset will leave only the main programs preinstalled on your TV. All third-party apps, user data, accounts, and the like will be erased. The user will have to reset everything and log in to the account again.

It’s worth noting that the rollback to the factory settings will affect all nodes except the network. It will allow the owner not to recreate the connection to the internet. However, all the previously set brightness, contrast, and sound parameters will disappear instantly. Therefore, it’s better to think several times before resetting. You can also memorize or write down all the settings in advance and then reset them. Of course, this will take some time.

You should also be prepared for the fact that all channel information will be erased. Various lists of favorites, blocked and specific channels will have to be found again and adjusted manually.

However, don’t expect miracles from the rollback. If the problem wasn’t in the settings but in the firmware itself, everything will remain the same. Unfortunately, many users compare resetting their Samsung TV to a software update. After all, it doesn’t change or even update the operating system in any way, but only rolls it back to the original settings.

How to factory reset your Samsung TV

To find out why the TV reboots randomly, you need to determine the cause of the software failure. Often the problem lies exactly in the incorrect user settings. That’s why it’s not an operating system update, but a simple reboot and reset the user’s settings to zero.

Users prefer to install firmware updates automatically, which is actually a big mistake. Using this function can cause the TV to suddenly turn on in the middle of the night or to reboot while you’re watching your favorite movie or TV series. Attempts to return the default settings are sure to be unsuccessful. The only way out of this situation is to reset your Samsung TV.

The procedure for rolling back to the default settings will directly depend on which TV model you’re using.

Samsunt TV D Series

Samsung D-Series TVs are reliable. However, even they aren’t immune to the appearance of various malfunctions. And to get rid of them, you need to perform a reset.

This is done using the remote control. Before you start resetting, you need to go to the main section of the TV. Now you need to find the “Exit” button on the remote control and hold it for about 10 seconds.

A special window will appear where the system will ask you once again to confirm the reset. Here you have to agree by pressing the “OK” button. Immediately after that, the device will restart, deleting the user settings and restoring the factory settings.

Samsung TV K Series

If you want to factory reset your Samsung TV K Series, you have to follow these steps:

  • Use the remote control to open the main menu.
  • Then, go to the “Settings” section by pressing the corresponding key.
  • In the “Support” tab, find the “Self-diagnosis” position.
  • After that, a list of available operations aimed at restoring the device functionality will appear.
  • Finally, select “Reset”.

This will start a rollback of user settings. It’s worth noting that to start the reset it’s necessary to enter the PIN code. If the user didn’t change it, it’s necessary to enter the combination “0000”.

Samsung TV J Series

The TVs of this series support resetting from the settings menu. To find the right command, the user will need to go to the “Menu/123” section.

There in the “Support” tab press the “Self-diagnosis” section. ​In the proposed list you will need to click on the “Reset” button.

Here you also need an access code, which has been pre-selected by the owner of the TV. After entering the code and pressing the “Yes” button, a complete reset will start. Usually, the operation takes a few seconds, the device will reboot and will be ready to use.

Samsung TV H Series

Samsung TV H series models allow you to reset your Samsung Smart TV to the factory settings in the same way as previous models. By going to the corresponding tab, the user will have to enter the PIN code and confirm their actions.

Samsung TV F Series

To reset your F Series Samsung TVs:

  • On the main screen, select the “More” button, which gives access to the main menu of the device.
  • You need to go into the “Menu”.
  • After that, go to the “Support” section and select “Self-diagnosis”.
  • Finally, select “Reset” from the list of actions that appears.

Here you will also need to enter the access code and confirm your actions. The access code will prevent someone else from tampering with the TV settings and keep it working. Once you agree, the system will restart the TV.

Samsung TV E Series

The E-Series doesn’t boast any unusual approach to resetting. It still uses the basic setup menu and the available self-diagnostic interfaces. The order in which you navigate through the menu items remains the same. The names of the items and the configuration of the keys on the remote control may change slightly.

After the “Reset” section is detected, the device will ask you to enter an individual access code, without which you won’t be able to perform a reset.

Samsung TV M, Q and LS Series

Smart TV series M, Q, and LS are very similar to each other. So their resetting methods are the same. To reset the system you need to do the following:

  • On the remote control, press the “Home” button.
  • After that, in the “Menu” section find the “Settings” item.
  • Then in the “Support” tab click the “Self-diagnosis” button.
  • You can now implement a rollback using the “Reset” key.

Resetting via Smart Hub

In addition to the standard reset method via the settings menu, it’s also possible to reset the settings via the Smart Hub interface. This is done as follows:

  • Press the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • The main parameters window will appear, among which you should select the “Reset” section.
  • Then, the system will ask you to enter an individual access code, which by default is a combination of “0000”.
  • Finally, press the “OK” button to confirm the action.

The TV will reboot and turn on with the factory default settings. You will have to reconfigure the picture, sound, and your own account.

Thus, there are several ways to reset the TV with Samsung Smart TV operating system. The choice depends on the model of the equipment and the functionality of the device. In any case, the reset solves most of the software problems. And if the model doesn’t respond to the reset, the reason may be in the firmware itself or even in the hardware component of the TV. The way out is to call a wizard, and you can also update the system.



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