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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to reset Samsung TV to factory settings

If your Samsung Smart TV is not working properly, freezes or displays an incorrect picture, you can change various settings and see how the picture changes to fix the problem. The best solution is to reset your Samsung Smart TV to factory settings.

Samsung TV Factory Default

You should know that Samsung TVs have two menus. The first one is the user menu that opens when you press the home or menu button on the remote control. The second menu is the hidden, technical or secret TV menu, which is reserved for experts, but you can also access it and restore factory settings. Now more about menus and factory reset.

Reset to factory settings in the user menu

This menu is intended for the average user. A factory reset is completely harmless, as the TV simply takes the default settings from the operating system memory and applies them to the TV. The only inconvenience is that you have to reconfigure all the settings. Network settings, Bluetooth device, Smart Hub and of course the channels – in short, your TV will be as good as new. It will be like turning on the TV for the first time. As I said before, nothing bad will happen to your TV if you reset it to factory settings via the user menu. Now let’s go to the hidden or technical menu.

Factory reset via the hidden menu, Hard Reset

As I said before, this menu is for professionals. I do not recommend you to use it. Factory reset not only restores the factory settings, but also the original settings, which can cause the TV to malfunction. Very often the picture will turn green, HDMI connections will stop working, WiFi connections will stop working, etc. I will now tell you why this is the case.

This is due to the fact that the TV may consist of different components and screens from different manufacturers, and there may be several dozen models of screens. Therefore, the operating system first saves the model of the most commonly used screen, then the settings are changed during production, but the original settings are kept as factory settings. So if you do a factory reset from the technical menu, all screen settings, Bluetooth and Wifi modules will be reset to the original settings, but they may not be compatible.

For example, I was contacted by a reader of my website who had reset his 43-inch TV to factory settings via the technical menu. After the reset, the TV no longer displayed the correct colours and became very hot. I advised him to check the screen, and it turned out that the default size of the screen after the reset was 55 inches. That was wrong, of course, but there was a second problem: there were five 43-inch models on the menu, and he didn’t know which was the right one. He changed one setting at a time, and after selecting the 43-inch screen, the TV no longer heated up, but the problem of distorted colors on the screen remained. A factory reset caused the problem. He still could not adjust his TV. So a factory reset via the tech menu is a last resort, but honestly I have no idea why you would do such a reset. My advice is to never do a factory reset via the technical menu, you could damage the TV.

When to perform a factory reset

So if you need to do a factory reset, use the user menu. If your TV keeps restarting, the problem is probably with the software. However, first unplug the TV to clear the memory. Only then should you perform a factory reset.

What happens to my TV after a factory reset?

When you perform a full factory reset, only the most important programmes remain pre-installed on the TV. All third-party applications, user data, accounts and such are deleted. All settings will be reset and you will have to enter your account again. The channel list will be deleted, various favourite lists, channel sorting will have to be created again.

However, don’t expect miracles from a reset. For example, I have a Samsung TV from 2014 and I did not reset it to factory settings.

Resetting the Samsung TV to the factory settings

To reset your TV to factory settings, you need to go to the TV menu and activate the Factory Settings menu. The Tizen operating system has improved over the years, so the reset access procedure has also changed. I will try to give you the factory reset procedure for all Samsung TV models.

Factory reset for 2019-2022 Samsung R, T, A, and B series TVs.

Menu → Settings → All Settings → General and Privacy → Reset

You can reset all settings of the TV to the factory defaults.

  1. Select Reset. The input window for the security PIN opens.
  2. Enter the PIN, and then select Reset. All settings are then reset.

The default security code is 0000 if you have not changed it before. This is a kind of confirmation of your intention to perform a reset. After the reset, the TV will switch off and on again and you will see the same settings menu as when you first switched it on. First select the country, language, etc.

Factory reset for Samsung E, F, H, J, K, M, N series TVs (2012-2018)

You can set all the TV settings (except the Internet and network settings) to the Reset factory settings.

  1. Select Reset. The input window for the security PIN opens.
  2. Enter the PIN, and then select Reset. Then all settings will be reset.The
    TV switches off and on automatically and then displays the Start setup window

Resetting your network Samsung E, F, H, J, K, M, N series TVs (2012-2018)

Settings → General → Network → Reset network

All network settings are reset. For 2012-2018 Samsung TVs, resetting settings and resetting network connections are separate processes.

Factory Reset for Samsung TV Series B, C, D Series (2009-2011)

For the first smart TVs and models from 2009-2011, resetting to factory settings was very easy. To reset, proceed as follows:

Press and hold the EXIT button on the TV remote control for 20-30 seconds until a message appears prompting you to reset all settings.

Select “OK” to confirm the reset.

The TV is switched off. The settings are reset.

Reset to factory settings for older Samsung TVs from before 2009

This is a reset for TVs without an operating system. Back then, a reset was quite conventional, TVs didn’t have internet connection, digital tuners were just coming into use, it was just a TV with primitive settings. Follow these steps to reset older Samsung TVs to factory settings

  • Call up the TV menu.
  • Select Installation.
  • Select Plug and Play.
  • The message “Starting Plug & Play” appears, press OK.

Reset Smart Hub

To make it easier to set up the TV after reset, Samsung has developed a separate reset for some settings that does not affect the reset of other settings. This significantly reduces the time needed to set up the TV and allows you to reset only some settings. To reset the Smart Hub settings, follow these steps.

Menu → Settings → Support → Device maintenance → Self-diagnosis → Smart Hub


Reset image

You can also reset only the image settings. This resets the current image settings to their default values. To reset, proceed as follows

Menu → Settings → All Settings → Image Expert Settings → Reset Image

Reset audio

Resetting the sound is also a convenient function if you are not sure whether you have selected the correct sound settings. Resetting the tone resets the current tone settings to their default values. To reset the sound:

Menu → Settings → All Settings → Sound Expert Settings → Reset Sound



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