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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Will your alarm go off if you’re on FaceTime?

If you’re on a FaceTime call and have an alarm set on your iPhone, the alarm will work as always, and the sound will be played. You will hear the sound even if your iPhone is on silent or Do Not Disturb Mode. The only case when your alarm may not go off is when your phone is turned off. So, if you’re on a FaceTime call, don’t worry; you will still hear your alarm.

Alarms are one of the most important notifications, so they work a different way than other notifications. You probably don’t want to miss the alarm, even if you’re on a FaceTime call. But don’t worry, you won’t miss it.

Here’s how it works: Your alarm will be played no matter whether you’re on a call or not. It will be played with the full sound, which will be played over the sound of your call. And even if you turn on silent or Do Not Disturb mode, the alarm will still play on the full volume.

So, here’s what to know.

Will my alarm go off on FaceTime?

As I said, the alarm will go off on FaceTime. And that works with FaceTime calls and any calls you can make. No matter how you make a call: WhatsApp, cellular, Instagram, Telegram, or any other, the alarm will go off.

You will also see the badge on the top, as shown in the picture below. You can tap on it to turn off the alarm. And if you press the volume down/up button, the sound of your alarm will disappear. So, the chances that you will miss the alarm on FaceTime calls are minimal.

But the alarm sound will not end or interrupt the call. But the person you’re talking with may hear the sound of your alarm a little bit. Your iPhone will try to get rid of this sound and doesn’t catch it, but the person on the other side of the call may hear parts of it.

Can you hear your alarm when on FaceTime?

As I said, yes. You will hear the alarm sound anyway, so don’t worry. The alarm sound will take priority over the sound of your call. You must tap on the alarm badge at the top of the screen or press the volume button to skip an alarm.

So when it comes to an alarm sound, everything works as usual, and your call doesn’t affect the way your alarm will work. It would be played at full volume, while other notifications would be played at 50% of the volume.

Notification-management modes, like silent mode or Do Not Disturb, also don’t affect the alarm sound and will go off anyway.

Do iPhone alarms go off when on a call?

Yes, the same way as FaceTime, other calls also don’t affect the alarm. It will go off and play sound so you can hear it. To silence it, you will need to tap on the alarm badge or press the volume button.

That’s true for any call you can make with your iPhone, no matter whether that’s a FaceTime call, cellular call, WhatsApp call, Discord, Telegram, or any other messenger. your alarm will always play the sound, so you don’t miss it.

How can I hear my alarm while on a call?

You shouldn’t do anything extra; the alarm will play by default, and you will hear it unless you set your alarm to be vibration only. So, there’s nothing more you need to do.

However, iPhones have a feature that your alarm may not be played when you’re looking at the screen. This feature works only on iPhones with Face ID. The idea behind this feature is simple: if you’re looking at the screen, you probably don’t need an alarm sound, as you’re holding a phone in your hands.

But if you’re not happy with the feature, you can disable it. It’s called Attention-Aware.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, go to Face ID & Passcode.
  • Toggle off Attention-Aware Features.

Will my alarm still go off if my phone is on silent or in Do Not Disturb mode?

Yes, the silent mode doesn’t impact the alarm, and it will be played anyway. The only way to disable the alarm sound (except disabling the alarm itself) is to turn off your phone.

The same way it works for Do Not Disturb mode. The alarm will also go off, even if this mode is active.

And these modes don’t affect the alarm sound as well. It would be played at full volume.

How to set the alarm on an iPhone

I suggest you set several alarms 5 to 10 minutes apart to ensure you hear the alarm. This will help you if you miss the first alarm when it rings. To do this, you need to:

  • Go to the Alarm Clock app. You need to tap on the Alarm tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then tap on Plus at the top right of the screen.
  • In the pop-up menu, you must select the time and period to repeat the alarm.
  • You can also check Snooze so that if you miss an alarm, it will automatically repeat after a few minutes.
  • When you’re done setting your alarm, tap Save in the upper right corner.

Alternatively, you can customize the sound of the alarm using the Sound button. You can set the sound as annoying as possible so that you will hear it and want to turn it off. You can also use the Label button to name the alarm so you know why you set it.

How to increase alarm volume on iPhone

To hear the alarm better when you need it, it’s a good idea to turn the volume up to maximum. The volume of your iPhone’s alarm clock and the ringer are not attached to the device volume by default. So, you won’t be able to change it through Control Menu. You will need to do this:

  • Open Settings and find the Sounds & Haptics item there.
  • Here, you will need the Ringtone And Alert Volume tab. Move the slider under it to the rightmost corner.

Also, I suggest you look at the Change with Buttons switch. If you turn it on, you can control the volume of calls and alarms with the volume button on your iPhone.

The alarm won’t go off while on FaceTime

To resolve the issue of your alarm not going off while on FaceTime, you can follow these steps:

  • Remove all alarms and restart your phone: If you’re experiencing this problem, it could be due to a software bug. Try removing all the alarms on your phone and then restarting it. This can help resolve certain software-related issues.
  • Check the alarm volume: Ensure that the volume for your alarms is set to an audible level. Go to your device’s Sound and Haptics settings and check if the Ringtone and alert volume is sufficiently high. Adjust it if necessary to ensure you can hear the alarm. You can read about that in the section above.
  • Disable Attention Aware features: Attention Aware features lower the volume of sounds and ringtones when your phone is active or in use. During a FaceTime call, this may cause your alarm to be too quiet to hear. To disable this feature, open the Settings app, go to Face ID and Passcode (or Touch ID and Passcode), enter your passcode, and locate the Attention-Aware Features setting. Turn it off to ensure your alarm plays at its intended volume.
  • Change the alarm sound: Sometimes, the alarm sound may be the issue. Select a different built-in sound if you’re using a custom or downloaded alarm sound instead. This can help determine if the specific alarm sound file is causing the problem. Choose a different sound and test whether the alarm plays correctly during FaceTime.



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