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GuidesHow to change the input source on Samsung Smart TV

How to change the input source on Samsung Smart TV

Today’s TVs can display video from a variety of signal sources. Nowadays, the TV can display video not only through the available port but also through WiFi. 

You can watch videos from a variety of sources:

  • HDMI ports: Your TV can have up to 4 of these ports. You can connect a computer, laptop, or streaming device such as a Chromecast, FireStick, or Roku to your TV.
  • Antenna input: You can receive terrestrial or cable TV.
  • SAT (satellite): In Europe, TVs also have a built-in satellite tuner.
  • AV (analog video): An ancient port, but you can connect a video player or other digital device that does not have a digital output to your TV through this port. On Samsung TVs, this can be a standard round connector, Scart or EXT RGB (this is a modern reduced connector for modern slim TVs.
  • Component (analog video): Obsolete but present in older Samsung TVs.
  • Mirror: Mirror the smartphone screen on the TV. 
  • USB: You can connect a USB flash drive or external storage device to the TV and watch the recorded video. 

In modern TVs, you will also find the possibility of connecting to Samsung’s SmartThings innovative home program in the Source section. 

How to change input on Samsung TV, connect device Samsung TV

You should be aware of small nuances in the input source settings on Samsung TVs.

Before 2022, the setting to change the input on your TV is called Source.

Beginning in 2022, this setting is not called Source but Connected Devices on Samsung TVs.

Thus, Connected Devices in the BU7000, QN60B, and Q60B TVs are 2022 TVs. The CU7000, QN60C, and Q60C are 2023 TVs. I gave the model names as an example.

There will also be slight differences in setup depending on the type of remote control.

How to change the input on a Samsung 2022-2023 TV

After the OS update 2022 in Samsung TVs, the source selection was called the connection of devices; this is probably more in line with reality. Since the video to the TV must come from somewhere, for example, through SmartThinks, you can connect to surveillance cameras. 

If you have a 2022 or later TV, look for the Connected Devices setting. The setup can be accessed through the menu:

  • Press the home button. 
  • Press the left button on the control circle; a sidebar will appear on the left side of the screen.
  • Using the down button, select Menu 
  • Press OK on the remote control, and a mini menu will open with settings and Connected Devices

If you want, you can rename the name of the signal sources; for example, you can name the HDMI 1 port Chromecast and HDMI 2 PS5. You do not need to remember what device is connected to a particular port; open and settings, and it says PS5.

How to change source on Samsung Smart TV with remote until 2022

The new models of Smart TVs have more powerful processors, so the menus are more animated. The order of source selection itself is slightly different, and the One remote that comes with Samsung TVs from 2016 onwards (that’s the K, M, N, R, T, A, QLED series) no longer has a Source button. If you have a remote, press the Source button and get to the Source selection menu. If you have a TV with a Smart remote (remote One), you need to do the following:

  • Press the Home button on the remote One, you’re taken to the home menu.
  • Using the Circle Pad control on the One, select Source.
  • First press the Enter Button. You will see a menu of available sources.
  • Select the desired source.
  • Press the Apply button, the TV will switch to receive the signal from the selected source.

Some models in Samsung Smart TVs have animated source states; for example, you can see the HDMI port in a blue or red circle. This is an animated input status so you can orient yourself to whether there is a signal on the port. If the HDMI port is in a red circle, no HDMI signal is detected the port is inactive.

How to change source on old Samsung Smart TV with remote 2011-2015

In the first Samsung Smart TVs, the appearance of the remote control changed almost every year. And these remotes had a source button – as a rule, it is located at the top, has an inscription or logo in the form of a square with an arrow, and is easy to find. Once you press the button on the remote, you get to the source selection menu; the menu’s appearance may vary slightly depending on the software version. But you can quickly figure out how to change the signal source.

Source button on Samsung remote

In the photo below you can see what were Samsung remotes, in the top row is the source selection button.

Changing the signal source on older Samsung TVs universal remote control

A simplified operating system is used in older TVs or TVs operated only with standard remote control. Therefore, the visual interface on the TV screen is kept to a minimum. To select the signal source, take the remote control; in the upper right corner is a Source button; press this button. This button is found in both standard remotes and Smart remotes. As I said before, sometimes it can be just a square with an arrow pointing inward; this is the logo to change the signal source on the TV.

Pressing the button will take you to the Change TV Source menu. This menu is located at the top of the screen. The menu is displayed for about 6 seconds, when you must start working with it, or it will disappear, but you can always recall the menu by pressing the Source button again. Some remotes also have an HDMI button that takes you to a menu of active HDMI sources.

For easy selection, inactive sources are usually grayed out, and active ones are brighter.

Use the left and right buttons on the remote control to select the desired source. You don’t need to use the left and right buttons; you can keep pressing the source button; the connected sources will change according to the carousel principle.

How to change source on Samsung TV without remote

Now about how to switch the signal source without the remote control. TV there are controls on the TV. Depending on the model, these can be buttons or a joystick. If the TV has buttons, usually on the side of the TV, you can switch the source by pressing the source or menu button.

Newer TVs usually have a joystick; the joystick is located on the bottom of the TV, and very often, it can be found next to the logo. To switch the signal source, do the following.

  • Press the button to open the TV menu, just like pressing the menu button on the remote control.
  • Then move the joystick to the left to select the source change mode in the menu.
  • Then press the joystick to open the list of external sources.
  • Select the desired source.

In the end, press the joystick button. Operating the joystick on the TV is no different than operating the remote control. Of course, it is unusual, and this type of control takes some getting used to. But the control on the TV is a backup control in case of damage or malfunction of the remote control. 

How to change the hdmi on a samsung TV, the HDMI source is active when you turn it on.

Televisions have always been used to show television programs over the air or by cable. Now things have changed; many people do not need an antenna or TV cable. The video comes from streaming devices that stream TV channels using the Internet as the transmission medium, such as a FireStick. In this case, the video signal comes to the TV via HDMI. And it’s not uncommon – you must set up the HDMI input to watch TV. The TV remembers the source settings until you unplug it. If that happens, you’ll need to reconfigure the settings. You can watch videos through HDMI for months and then turn on the TV, and it says “no signal” on the screen.

You can set the TV to receive a signal through HDMI instead of the default antenna. To do this, you need to use the service menu. But working on this menu requires specific skills.
You can learn how to do it from the article: How do I set HDMI to default on Samsung TV?


  1. In the picture above, the menu of available sources are shown. Just above are circles with TV, HDMI etc. What does it mean to have the blue or red circle with a line in the HDMI circle? When it appears on our tTV, we cannot select HDMI to get back to cable.

    • HDMI is in a red circle, your TV does not recognize the HDMI signal. There could be many reasons, bad cable connection, out of sync because of a bad HDMI cable. When HDMI is not active, you cannot select it.


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