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GuidesHow to change the input source on Samsung Smart TV

How to change the input source on Samsung Smart TV

How to change input on Samsung TV

Today’s TVs can show video from a variety of signal sources. For example, cable TV, satellite TV, HDMI signal, and various video transmission protocols on computer networks. Of course, all these outputs are also present in modern Samsung TV.

If you have a TV released after 2020, it may have ALLM technology, and automatic HDMI signal detection, if you turn on ALLM mode, the TV will automatically detect the signal and switch to play video from HDMI, but other signal sources do not switch automatically, you have to do it manually. I will now tell you how you can do this with or without the remote control, using the controls on your TV.

The controls for switching signal sources are basically the same on different televisions, but the appearance of the interface may vary slightly depending on the software version

What do I need to change the input source in Samsung TV

It is already difficult to imagine a modern home without at least one good TV in the living room. It has long been an attribute of any home. A place where you can come and relax after work, watch your favorite show, spend time with your family, or, for example, play games on your console.

Not surprisingly, the demand for TV is now quite high. Many companies are trying to get into this field to make as much money as possible. That is why today you can see on the market thousands of different models from different manufacturers. There are more successful companies and fewer. On their background brightly stands out Samsung. They’re one of the largest TV manufacturers.

Their devices stand out for their excellent quality and premium materials, along with quite powerful hardware and many features. For example, Samsung QN85B, QN90B, or QN95B TVs are some of the most advanced in the lineup.

However, any TV must have a basic number of features, among which are popular ports such as HDMI, USB ports for connecting speakers, TV ports, and others. Many users don’t quite understand how to switch between them on different TV models. Since the functionality and design of TVs and remotes have changed significantly over time.

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How to change the source on Samsung TV with remote

Switching the source with the remote control is convenient and practical. Using the remote control is the primary way to control your TV. So assumes the manufacturer, so the button to select the source is on the remote control.

The fact is that over time, the technology has changed, and in accordance with them changed and remotes to Samsung TV. Some changes were caused by a change of design, others by the fact that the functionality of TV expanded and the remote control needed new buttons to control the system.

In addition, various cool functions started to appear in new remote control models. For example, the new Samsung remotes are equipped with solar panels.

How to change the source on older Samsung TVs using a standard remote

A simplified operating system is used in older TVs, or in TVs controlled only with a standard remote. Therefore, the visual interface on the TV screen is minimized. To select a signal source, take the remote control, there is a Source button at the top right, press this button. This button is present in both standard remote controls and Smart remotes. Sometimes it may just be a square with an arrow pointing inward, this is the logo for changing the source on the TV.

Pressing the button takes you to the TV source change menu. This menu is located at the top of the screen. The menu is displayed for about 6 seconds, during which time you must start working with the menu or it will disappear, but you can always bring up the menu by pressing the Source button again. Some remotes also have an HDMI button that takes you to a menu of active HDMI sources.

Use the left and right buttons on the remote to select the desired source and press the center input button. The TV will switch to receive the signal from the selected source.

For easier selection, usually, inactive sources are highlighted in gray and active sources are highlighted in a brighter color.

How to change the source in older models of Samsung Smart TVs using the remote control

Since the beginning of production of Samsung Smart TVs, there have been several types of remote controls, the Source button is in all Smart TVs. As a rule, the button is located at the top and is labeled, it is straightforward to find. After pressing the button on the remote control you will get to the menu of signal source selection, the appearance of the menu may differ slightly depending on the software version, but the principle is the same.

Such differences in the remotes were caused by the many new features of the Samsung Smart TV. One of these innovations in the new TVs can be considered Forced Ads, although it was not to everyone’s liking, for the company, it was a good way to monetize.

How to change the signal source in the new models of Samsung TVs from 2016 with a standard or Smart remote

The new models of Smart TVs have more powerful processors, so the menu is more animated. The order of source selection itself is slightly different, and the One remote that came with the 2016 TVs (K, M, N, R, T, A, QLED series) no longer has a Source button. If you have a regular remote, you can press the Source button and get to the Source selection menu. If you have a TV with a Smart remote (remote One), you need to do the following.

  • Press the Home button on the remote One, you’re taken to the home menu.
  • Using the Circle Pad control on the One, select Source.
  • First press the Enter Button. You will see a menu of available sources.
  • Select the desired source.
  • Press the Apply button, the TV will switch to receive the signal from the selected source.

How to change the source on Samsung TV without remote

Now about how to switch the signal source without the remote control. On the body of the TV are the controls for the TV. Depending on the model, these may be buttons or a joystick. If the TV has buttons, they are usually located on the side of the TV, you can switch the signal source by pressing the source or menu button.

New TVs usually have joystick control, the joystick is located on the bottom of the TV, and very often it can be found next to the logo. To switch the signal source, do the following.

  • Press the button to open the TV menu, just like pressing the menu button on the remote control.
  • Next, move the joystick to the left to select the source change mode in the menu.
  • After that press the joystick to open the list of external sources.
  • Select the desired source.
  • At the end press the joystick button.

The TV switches to the selected source.

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How to add Source to Smart Hub

In addition, if you often use the same source, the Samsung Smart TV has a handy feature that allows you to add this source directly to the Smart Hub. This will allow you to quickly access it at any time. To do this, you need to:

  • Press the Home button on your remote to get started.
  • Then select Source.
  • After that, you need to navigate to the desired source and click on the up arrow.
  • In the drop-down menu, you need to select Add to Home.
  • Next, simply select where exactly in Smart Hub to add the desired source.

In this simple way, you can add the source directly to the Smart Hub. You can remove the source from the Smart Hub just like any other app, and it’s pretty easy to do.


  1. In the picture above, the menu of available sources are shown. Just above are circles with TV, HDMI etc. What does it mean to have the blue or red circle with a line in the HDMI circle? When it appears on our tTV, we cannot select HDMI to get back to cable.

    • HDMI is in a red circle, your TV does not recognize the HDMI signal. There could be many reasons, bad cable connection, out of sync because of a bad HDMI cable. When HDMI is not active, you cannot select it.


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