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ConferencingHow to gift Discord Nitro subscription on mobile

How to gift Discord Nitro subscription on mobile

Currently, there are a large number of different messengers for communication. In some ways they’re similar, and in some ways they’re different. Fans of computer games often choose Discord Nitro. This is a paid utility. However, it allows its users to get advanced features.

The Discord app allows game fans to communicate with each other. Text messages, sending media files, and video calls are available. And, since this app is free, many people don’t understand why they need to install the paid utility “Nitro” at all. It is, in essence, comparable to the more advanced mode. And you’ll have to pay for the extra options. Right now, a one-month subscription to this product costs about $5. That’s per month. Although you can pay for a year at a time.

In addition to simply purchasing a Discord Nitro subscription, you can also purchase it as a gift. For example, you want to give your teammate or friend a nice surprise. It doesn’t matter what reason you want to give such a gift, as long as you have the opportunity to do so. So, here’s how to gift Discord Nitro subscription on your mobile device in a few simple steps.

What are Discord Nitro features

The use of the Nitro package by registered users in the software opens up a wide range of possibilities in chat rooms. For example, you can upgrade your emoji, exchange files over a set limit, and stand out from the gray masses. An additional advantage is the possibility to give Nitro in Discord as a gift to your friends.

What additional options does the user get after installing Discord Nitro? The main options are:

  • Improved quality of video files (the allowable resolution increases to 720/1080p, which corresponds to the highest frame rate of 60/30 fps).
  • The ability to set a personal tag (you can choose a tag with any number for the duration of the subscription).
  • Animated avatar (animation will be played in the profile and in the chat if you put the cursor on it).
  • The size of transferred files increases (you can upload files up to 8MB in Discord, and the Nitro utility increases this to 50MB).

Discord Nitro users have a special status. The use of the paid product will be known by special icons that appear in the profile. So your contacts will know everything at a glance.

How to share Nitro code with a friend

If it’s impossible to use a specially designed code in the registered personal cabinet, you can make a gift of Nitro in Discord. The sequence of actions depends on the specific situation:

  • In case of being in the console software Xbox Game Pass, users can send to the interested interlocutor a photo of the provided QR code. Pay attention, the code is located in the developed Perks menu by taking a photo on the used cell phone.
  • If the user is using the browser version of the Xbox Game Pass. It’s required to click on the get online button, which is located in the Perks menu. After that, the software redirects the user to a new page. The next step involves the possibility of copying and then pasting the URL into the new form that opens.
  • When using the installed Xbox Game Pass mobile app. Users need to log in to a specially designed menu in the browser or on the console version of the utility. After that, it’s necessary to follow the sequence of actions presented above.

Keep in mind that if you follow the sequence of actions, there is no chance of making mistakes with the resulting negative consequences.

How to gift Discord Nitro on mobile app

If you want to gift Discord Nitro to your friend on the mobile app, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open the Discord app on your mobile device and sign in, if necessary.
  • After that, open the menu by tapping on the “three lines” icon in the top left corner of the channel.
  • Then, tap on your profile picture in the lower right corner of the app to open “User Settings”.
  • Next, scroll down to the “Nitro Settings” section and tap on the “Nitro Gifting” option.
  • Choose the Nitro or Nitro Classic gift that you want to buy.
  • Finally, buy the gift using your payment method.

Once you purchase a gift, you can send the link to another Discord user. The person who receives the link can use it to subscribe to Nitro or Nitro classic on their account. Be aware that if someone claims a gift you’ve purchased, you won’t be able to take it back. Discord’s refund policy applies only to unclaimed gifts in the app.

What is HypeSquad

There is another way to get the free Nitro app. The developers decided to give this opportunity to their customers. To do this, you will need to use the HypeSquad service. This is another section in the Discord settings. There is no need to download anything. You will only have to fill out a small test that will prove to the developers your “loyalty”. In response, you will get a code that covers the payment. Such codes developers periodically send to the phone to their customers. The correctly activated code will allow you to use the product for one month free of charge.

To activate the keys, you need to enter them in the Gift Inventory section. It’s located in the messenger library.



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