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GuidesHow to reset Sony TV explained

How to reset Sony TV explained

Sony as a brand has established itself as one of the most popular developers of equipment for various applications. For several decades on the market, the company has been offering its customers high-quality and innovative technological devices.

TVs are Sony’s priority and they are really famous for their stability and good quality. However, everyone understands that nothing is perfect, including technology. There are situations when the picture of the film freezes or does not show at all. Or the TV doesn’t respond to the remote control. In such cases, people always turn to reset the TV. And in this article, you will find answers to how to reset the Sony TV.

Is a full reset (restart) of the TV required

In case if you are having troubles where the picture on the TV froze or doesn’t display anything at all on the monitor, there is no sound, or the remote does not work, you just need to restart the TV. However, if the problem persists, you should try the factory reset procedure below. However, if an external USB device is connected to the TV, disconnect the USB device from the TV before resetting.

  • Power Reset. Press and continue holding the power button on the remote control for about 5 seconds until the TV restarts (you will see a message shutting down). (Depending on your model/region/country, you can also press and hold the power button on the remote control for about 2 seconds and then select Restart from the TV screen.) Then the TV will turn off and restart automatically after about one minute
    • In case if the problem persists after the step above, unplug the TV power cord (mains lead) from the electrical socket. Then press the power button on the TV, wait for 2 minutes, and plug the power cord (mains lead) back into the electrical socket

Note: TV models with one button on the TV (power button only) can also be restarted using the power button. Press the power button on the TV to display the operation menu, select Restart in the menu, and then press and hold the power button to restart the TV. Then you will see that personal settings and data will not be lost after the TV restarts.

  • Factory data reset. In case if if the issue is still there after a power reset, try a factory data reset.
    • Press the HOME button, then select Settings — Device PreferencesReset — Factory data reset
    • Select Erase everything
    • If you have set a PIN code on your TV, you will be prompted to input it when you select Erase everything
    • Once the factory reset process completes successfully, the TV will launch the Initial Setup wizard. You must agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy

Note: if you are going to perform a factory reset you need to keep in mind that this procedure will delete all of the TV’s data and settings (such as Wi-Fi and wired network setting information, Google account and other login information, Google Play, and other installed apps)!

How to Reset Sony Smart TV without Remote

If your remote control is out of order, this method can save the situation. It only involves the buttons on the TV itself. So if your device has only one button, use this guide:

  • Remove the power supply to the smart TV
  • Long press the Power button
  • Provide the power supply to the TV, and a White LED light appears
  • Leave the Power button, and the TV starts the factory reset function
  • It will reboot the TV, and you have to press the Power button again to start the TV as a new one

In case your TV has three buttons:

  • Unplug the power cord of the TV. Press the Power button, Volume Down button, and turn on the TV
  • Hold the button until the erasing screen comes on the TV or a Green LED Light appears
  •  Release the button, and it will begin the resetting of the TV
  • After the reset, it will reboot the TV. Power on the TV and go to the setup screen to provide the details from first

And that is all on how to reset your Sony TV. In case you still have troubles after restarting and resetting the TV you better contact the support team to solve the problem.



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