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How to turn off TruMotion on LG TV in case you don’t need

Over the past decade, TVs have evolved into smart devices and many companies have started releasing models with the ability to play movies, not at the standard 24 FPS, but as much as 60. That sounds great, because the more FPS (frames per second), the smoother the picture.

But this is always the case. For example, you probably noticed the difference between a cinematographic scene and a scene from a live show. There is still a slight difference when we talk about excessive smoothness in the latter. This feature is called Motion smoothing and, by the way, it is quite appropriate when watching sports broadcasts. But there are many people who do not like this effect, which is imposed by their TV when watching movies. They say it loses its cinematic quality.

This feature is used in particular by LG televisions and is called TruMotion. It was created to make viewing more pleasant, but often this effect looks strange and in some cases even spoils some frames with the sudden blur. The thing is that the technology works on the principle of generating fake frames and “filling” them in the video. So instead of the standard 24 frames, the TV gives out 48 or 60.

How to Turn Off TruMotion

But still, whether to turn off the motion smoothing function or not is up to your preference. But the good thing is, the new models of the LG will allow you to customize your movie viewing experience. Use this guide:

  • First, you need to find Picture Menu
  • Click then Picture Mode Settings and select Picture Options
  • There you will see a few different levels of TruMotion: Off (the one you were looking for), Smooth ( motion blur), Clear (doesn’t use motion blur) and Clear Plus ( uses backlight scanning in addition to interpolation)
  • Choose the one you need and you are ready to go

In case you cannot find this option, you should use the manuals that come with all LG TVs or find it online on the main site – just enter your model in the search box. There is also can be a reason your TV is one of the old models and it simply doesn’t have an option like that. So, if you are not happy with the motion smoothing effect then it’s time to think about the newer model.

What if disabling TruMotion doesn’t work

If you found the right option to disable TruMotion, but nothing changes as a result – do not panic. Perhaps as with any device, the TV should be restarted:

  • Turn your TV off
  • Unplug it from the wall socket
  • Wait for a bit and power it up

If there is no result, you also may try to select the Game picture mode.

Now you know what is TruMotion, how to turn it off, and finally enjoy movies entirely!



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