As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Hisense TV remote control compatibility list

Hisense is recognized for offering a diverse range of Smart TVs featuring multiple operating systems. As a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the television industry, over half of the TVs produced by Hisense are branded under different names, such as Toshiba, which is owned by Hisense. Presently, Hisense Smart TVs operate on six distinct platforms, each necessitating a specific remote control. For instance, a remote for a Hisense TV with Roku TV will not be compatible with a Hisense TV running VIDAA. The operating systems utilized by Hisense Smart TVs include:

  1. Roku TV
  2. Fire OS
  3. VIDAA
  4. XClass TV
  5. Android TV
  6. Google TV

Historically, Hisense has also produced non-Smart TVs, but the company’s current focus is on enhancing its Smart TV offerings. This article will provide an overview of the latest Smart TV models from Hisense and the compatible remote controls available on the Hisense website.

Hisense Roku TV remote control compatibility list

Hisense TVs that use Roku can be controlled with any Roku Voice Remote or the Roku Voice Remote Pro. However, Hisense has created its own versions of these remotes specifically for their Roku TVs. The main thing that sets these Hisense remotes apart are the shortcut buttons to quickly launch popular apps. This list matches compatible remotes with their Hisense TV models.

Remote model numberHisense Smart TV Model numbers (Roku TV)
24997965R6E1, 55R6E3, 50R6E1, 58R6E3, 65R6E3, 43R6E1, 50R6E3, 43R6E3, 55R6070E3, 40H4030F1
26477843R6090G, 50R6090G, 65R6090G, 55R6090G, 50R6090G5, 55R6080G, 50R6080G, 65R6090G5, 55R6090G5, 55R6040G, 65R6080G
26977075R6E3, 65R6E4, 43H4030F3, 32H4030F3, 43R6E3, 58R6E3, 40H4030F1
22853065R7050E, 55R7050E, 32H4E1, 50R7E, 50R7080E, 32H4E, 65R6E, 55R6E, 65H6E, 40H4070E, 55R6000E, 50R6E, 43R7E, 43R6E, 60R6E, 50R7050E, 65R7E1, 58R7E1, 43H4E, 55R7E, 32H4F, 40H4F, 32H4F5, 65R6070E, 43R7050E1, 40H4050E
29572555U6GR5, 65U6GR
25123075R7E2, 55R8F, 43R7F, 55R7F, 50R7F, 65R8F, 75R7070E2, 55R8F5, 65R8F5
19460648H4C, 50H4C, 40H4C1, 32H4CA
17087548H4, 40H4C, 40H4, 55R6000E
31380975R6030G, 58R6E3, 40H4030F3, 43R6E4
WT004097832H4G, 32H4G5
24998055R6040F, 70R6290F, 70R6270F

To find the right remote for your TV, just use the search feature on this page. Press Ctrl + F (or Command + F if you’re on a Mac) and type in your TV model number. If your model is mentioned in this list or others on the page, the search will highlight it for you.

Hisense Fire TV remote control compatibility list

Below is a list of all the Hisense remotes that work with Fire TV models. Plus, any Alexa Voice Remote Pro should work with Hisense Fire TV models. Here’s the full list of remotes that match:

Remote model numberHisense Smart TV Model numbers (Fire TV)
28694143C350KU, 50C350KU, 55C350KU
31736650U6HF, 58U6HF

Hisense Android TV remote control compatibility list

Here’s a detailed list of remotes that work with Hisense Android TVs.

Remote model numberHisense Smart TV Model numbers (Android TV)
26651055H6570G, 70H6570G, 50H6570G, 75H6570G, 58H6570G, 65H9G, 43H6570G, 85H6570G, 65H6570G, 55H9G, 85H6510G, 75H6510G, 50H6510G, 60A6G, 70A6G
28511965A6G, 75U6G, 55A6G, 43A6G, 55U6G, 50U6G, 50A6G, 65U6G, 75A6G, 55A6G8, 70A6G3, 70A65G, 50A6G8
T24715365H9F, 55H8F, 55H9F, 65H6570F, 50H8F, 65H8F, 43H6590F, 43H6570F, 65H8G, 55H6590F, 65H6590F, 55H8G, 50H6590F, 75H8G, 50H8G, 65H6510G, 55H6570F, 55H6510G, 50H6570F
28545865U8G, 55U8G, 55U7G, 65U7G, 75U9DG, 75U7G
22353455H9EPLUS, 65H9EPLUS, 58H6550E, 75H8080E, 65H9100EPLUS, 55H9100EPLUS, 55H9050EPLUS, 75EU8070
26932643H5500G, 43H5510G, 43H5580G, 32H5510G, 32H5500G
24883140H5590F, 40H4F, 32H5590F, 32H5500F, 40H5500F, 40H5580F
29910240A4H, 40A45H
26107532H5500F, 32H5580F

Hisense Google TV remote control compatibility list

Next, you’ll find the remotes that match up with Google TV, the updated version of Android TV. Since Google TV is seen as a new and separate operating system, these remotes might not work with the older Android TV system.

Remote model numberHisense Smart TV Model numbers (Google TV)
29984350A6H, 75A6H, 65A6H, 65A65H, 70A6H, 55U6H, 55A65H, 43A65H, 75U6H, 50A65H, 65U6H
30948655U7H, 55U8H, 65U8H, 75U8H, 75U75H, 65U75H

Remember that Android TV is an operating system and Google TV is a visualization shell with its own interface, so they have different remotes. Since Google TV was launched in 2021, there are not many TV models.

Hisense TV remote control compatibility list

I will now cover remotes suitable for Vidaa TV and XClass TV systems. This section will also include remotes for models that do not have smart TV functions.

Remote model numberHisense Smart TV Model numbers (ViDAA)
297107 (Xclass TV)50A6GX3
20830343H6D, 50H6D, 65H6D, 60DU6070, 50H5D, 39H5D, 55H5D, 55H6D, 43H5D, 40H5D, 60H6E, 55H8C, 55DU6070, 55K3300UW, 50DU6070, 43H7D, 40H5030E, 40H5080E, 40H5507, 40M5B, 43H7050D, 60DU6030
22542049H6E, 50H6E, 55H6E, 43H6E, 65H6E, 60H6080E, 55H8E, 65H8E, 55EU6070, 65H6080E, 50H6080E
266543 (Vidaa TV)50A60GMV, 43A60GMV, 65A60GMV, 32A40GMV, 32A45GV, 40A4GV
16067850K360G, 32K26, 32K360, 50K362G, 39V77C, 40K360, 23A320
T16366532D20, 40H3C1, 32H3
21108232H3D, 40H3D, 43H3D, 40EU3000, 40H3F9
21124055H9DPLUS, 65H9D, 55H9D, 65H9DPLUS, 65H8050D, 55H7D, 55H8050D, 50H7D, 75H9DPLUS
316676 (Vidaa TV)65A6GV, 40A4GV
17943043H5C, 43H7C2, 50H5C, 43H7C, 50H6B, 50H7GB1, 50H7GB2, 55H9B2, 55H5C, 55H6B, 55H7B, 50H8C, 65H7B, 65H10B, 50H7GB, 55H7B2, 55H8C, 40H5C1, 50CU6000, 43CU6100, 50H6C, 65CU6200, 55H7C, 65H8C, 65H7B2, 50H7C1, 50H7C, 55K3300UW

If you haven’t spotted your Hisense TV model in any of the previous lists, it’s possible that official remotes for it are no longer in production. In this scenario, your best bet is to opt for a universal programmable remote. Such a remote can effectively replicate all the basic, “non-smart” functions you might need.

Where you can order a replacement remote for Hisense TV

Once you’ve identified the correct remote for your Hisense TV, you can purchase it directly from Hisense. This is done through the official Hisense support page. Look up the remote model illustrated in the picture below and place your order from the product page.

It’s important to note that availability can vary by region. Typically, you can order a remote only within the region where your Hisense TV model is marketed. Furthermore, there might be instances where the desired remote is out of stock. In such situations, opting for a universal remote is a practical alternative. This is especially true for Roku or Fire TV models.

Replacement remotes for Hisense TVs

Replacement remotes for Hisense TVs are often produced by third-party manufacturers. These remotes are designed to mimic the appearance of the original Hisense remotes, but their quality may vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The quality of the plastic, responsiveness of the buttons and overall durability of third party remotes can be significantly worse than the original remotes.

When buying a remote, it is important to make sure that it is compatible with your particular TV model. This is especially important for voice-activated remotes, as they typically use Bluetooth to communicate with the TV.

I recommend reading reviews from real buyers, such as on Amazon. Customer reviews can give insight into the performance and reliability of the remote, which can help you choose a quality product that meets your needs.



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