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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Viewing distance of a 65-inch TV

The bigger the screen, the better the immersion effect. That’s true. It’s hard to enjoy a movie while watching it on a small screen. However, buying giant TV for all your money isn’t the right decision. At least not always. If your room isn’t big enough, you will sit too close to the screen, which would be uncomfortable.

There’s one more thing you need to keep in mind – the viewing distance. That’s the distance between your eyes and the screen. So for a 65 inch TV, the recommended viewing distance is 2 to 2.75 meters or 6.5 to 9 feet.

Many things affect your viewing distance: screen resolution, visual acuity, and the quality of the content. There’s the standard rule: the closer to the display, the more realistic the picture and the more noticeable all the flaws. And there’s one thing we need to consider – the field of view.

Field of view for a 65-inch TV

Field of view can be described as your viewing angle (so these 2 expressions are the same in this article), the angle between your eyes, and the edges of the TV. Here’s what it looks like in the picture.

Field of view

Your field of view depends on how far away you are from the TV. The closer you are, the greater the viewing angle. Below you can see the difference in the perception of the TV at an angle of 30 degrees and 40 degrees.

Difference between 30-degree and 40-degree field of view

30 and 40 degrees are the recommended fields of view for watching TV. If you sit further back (the field of view is 20 degrees), you will find it difficult to concentrate on watching TV. And if you sit further away (and the field of view is 50 degrees), your eyes will quickly become tired.

Most experts recommend the 30-degree viewing angle for a good watching experience. But if you want a more immersive experience, you can sit a little closer to get about a 40-degree field of view to get a cinema-like experience.

Difference between 30° viewing angle and 40° viewing angle

But keep in mind that we assume you’re watching TV solo and on at eye level. Not all rooms and situations meet this condition; for example, if you’re mounting your TV high on a wall to watch it while lying on the bed or placing a TV in the corner of a room.

However, for the situation shown in the picture, the recommended distance would be:

  • For mixed watching experience (30-degree field of view) – 9 feet (2.75 meters).
  • For theatre-like experience (40-degree field of view) – 6.5 feet (2 meters).



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