As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What size TV will fit in your car

Prior to making a purchase, it is prudent to ascertain the dimensions of the TV box to ensure it fits comfortably within your vehicle, thus mitigating potential inconveniences. Particular attention should be paid to the depth of the box, as it may not be immediately apparent that while the width and height dimensions appear suitable for transport, the thickness of the box could pose limitations on accommodating the TV. Thus, thorough measurement and consideration of the box’s dimensions are essential to prevent any unforeseen difficulties during transportation.

  • Small sedan: this vehicle is suitable for transporting TVs up to 42 inches. A small sedan can accommodate a small TV.
  • Large sedan: A TV up to 50 inches will usually fit in the passenger compartment. If you fold down the rear seats, using the trunk and rear seats, you can carry a TV up to 60-65 inches, depending on the model.
  • Crossover: Similar to large sedans, a crossover can accommodate a TV up to 60 inches, given the interior space and trunk.
  • Pickup truck: It’s perfect for huge TVs, even up to 85 inches. The size of the TV you can haul depends on the size of the pickup truck’s cargo area. Secure the TV well to prevent it from moving and possible damage.
  • Van: Vans are best for transporting huge TVs as they can carry the TV upright and have enough space.

Whether the TV can be transported in a recumbent position

  1. The manufacturer does not recommend transporting your TV in a reclining position, however, you can transport it in a reclining position if you need to, but be sure to follow the following rules:
  2. Make sure that the TV is positioned with the screen upwards.
  3. There should be no objects under the box that could damage it during transportation.
  4. Do not place any other objects on top of the TV box.
  5. Avoid sharp turns and moving the TV during transportation.

Always measure the interior space of your car or trunk and compare it to the dimensions of the TV box. Each car model may have different design features, so it is important to check whether the box will fit in the car.



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