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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to connect LG soundbar to LG TV

The acoustic limitations inherent in most Smart TVs, including LG models, arise from the challenges posed by the slim design of these televisions, making it difficult to achieve optimal sound quality. Soundbars present a practical solution to this issue. Connecting a soundbar to an LG TV can be accomplished through four methods: optical cable, HDMI, wireless Bluetooth, or WiFi (WiSA). Each method offers distinct advantages, contributing to an improved audio experience.

For optical cable and HDMI connections, users physically link the soundbar to the LG TV using the appropriate cable, with this approach considered optimal due to minimized sound lag and enhanced overall sound quality.

Bluetooth connectivity has become a widely adopted standard on the wireless front despite potential drawbacks such as delay and signal instability. In contrast, WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio) connectivity, though more exotic, has yet to gain widespread acceptance despite efforts by the WiSA Association.

In summary, soundbars effectively mitigate the acoustic limitations of slim Smart TV designs. Users can choose between physical connections like optical cable and HDMI or embrace wireless solutions such as Bluetooth and WiSA, tailoring their setups to personal preferences for an optimized audio experience in their home entertainment systems.

Connecting LG Soundbar to LG TV via Bluetooth

Connecting your LG sound bar to your LG TV via Bluetooth is relatively simple but requires consistent steps. Here are the steps to accomplish this task:

Turn on Bluetooth on your sound bar: Make sure the Bluetooth feature on your sound bar is enabled. This may require you to use the remote control or buttons on the panel itself.

Turn on Bluetooth on your LG TV:

  • On your TV’s remote control, press the “Settings” button.
  • Here, choose the “All Settings” option.
  • Then, select “Sound” and go to “Sound Out.”
  • Finally, change the sound settings to “TV Speaker” and “Use Wireless Speaker.”
  • Next, you must click on the three dots button next to the “Bluetooth Devices” button.
  • In the “Connectable Devices” section, you will see a list of all devices that are available for connection.
  • Select the LG soundbar you want.

After selecting the desired device from the list, you need to wait a few minutes, and then the soundbar will be connected to your LG TV. Please note that if you do not find the soundbar in the list of available devices, you most likely have not put it in pairing mode.

Auto Pairing: Turn on Bluetooth on the TV and sound bar.
Both devices must be in detect mode with each other.
From the Bluetooth menu on your TV, find your sound bar and complete the pairing process.
Manual pairing (if necessary): If your devices do not pair automatically, go to the Bluetooth menu on your TV.
Select the option to manually add a device and locate your sound bar in the list of available devices.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

Connecting LG Soundbar to LG TV via WiSA

Connecting your LG Soundbar to your LG TV with WiSA is simple. WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio) technology provides a wireless audio connection, offering high-quality sound without traditional cables. Below are the steps to set up this connection:

  1. Check compatibility: Make sure that your LG soundbar and LG TV support WiSA technology. Refer to the user manuals or specifications of both devices to confirm compatibility.
  2. Turn on the devices: Turn on the LG soundbar and LG TV. Make sure WiSA is enabled on both devices. 
  3. Enter the TV settings: On the LG TV remote control, press the Settings button. Navigate to the audio settings; the order to access the desired setting is described above.
  4. Select WiSA Connection: Select the WiSA option to start the pairing process. Activate the pairing mode with the soundbar:
  5. Put the LG soundbar into pairing mode: This usually requires pressing a dedicated button on the soundbar or using the soundbar’s remote control.
  6. Complete pairing: On your TV, search for available WiSA devices. Your LG soundbar should appear in the list of available devices.

Select your LG soundbar from the list to complete the pairing process.

Check the connection: Play the sound on your TV and verify that the sound is coming through the LG Soundbar. It is important to note that menu names and steps may vary depending on your LG Soundbar and TV model. Refer to the user manuals for detailed instructions for specific models. 

Connecting LG Soundbar to LG TV via HDMI

HDMI is the most popular and easiest way to connect soundbars to TVs. It is faster than other connections and allows you to transfer large amounts of data. High quality audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD or Dolby Atmos can be transferred via HDMI.

To use HDMI-ARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), you must find a particular port on your TV, usually called HDMI ARC. This port serves as a channel for bi-directional audio transmission between the TV and external devices, such as a soundbar. HDMI-ARC or HDMI-eARC is always present on the TV, and there is only one such port.

An HDMI cable is used to make the connection and is necessary to transfer audio signals between the TV and the soundbar. It’s essential to ensure the HDMI cable is ARC-compatible, as some manufacturers may produce cables without this feature to cut costs. Fortunately, many soundbars come with HDMI cables that support the ARC feature.

Locate the HDMI-ARC port on your TV, which is usually labeled accordingly, and connect the soundbar using an HDMI cable.

Connect the cable to the TV and soundbar. The HDMI port on the soundbar is also labeled TV or ARC to make it easier to find. In the TV’s audio output menu, you need to select wired connection. And of course, enable HDMI audio reception in the soundbar settings.

Connecting LG Soundbar to LG TV via optical

The optical connection serves as a means to link soundbars and TVs, predating the introduction of HDMI. Initially designed to support only two channels of audio, the format has evolved over time. Today, it has been refined to accommodate compressed high-end audio formats, including but not limited to 5.1 surround sound. This evolution positions optical connections as a viable option for transmitting enhanced audio quality between audio devices, contributing to an immersive audio experience in modern home entertainment setups.

Connecting an LG soundbar to an LG TV via optical cable is simple. Optical connections transmit digital audio signals over a fiber optic cable. The following are the steps to make such a connection:

  1. Identify the optical audio out port on your LG TV. It is usually labeled “Optical Out” or “Digital Audio Out” and is usually a square-shaped port with a cover.
  2. Locate the optical input port on your LG soundbar. This port is usually labeled “Optical In” or similar.
    Insert the optical cable: Take one end of the optical cable and plug it into the optical out port on the TV.
  3. Connect the other end of the optical cable to the optical input port on the LG Soundbar.
  4. Select the optical input on the soundbar: Select the optical input source on the LG Soundbar. This is usually done using the soundbar’s remote control or the buttons on the soundbar itself.

Warning: Do not look into the optical ports; intense laser radiation is working there, which can damage your eyes, so this port is permanently closed.

Setting the TV and soundbar to turn on automatically

Standard technologies such as HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) play a crucial role in seamlessly integrating the LG Soundbar with your TV. Another feature is LG Sound Sync, which is exclusively for optical connections. LG also supports a Bluetooth auto-on feature on soundbars called Auto Power.

To connect HDMI-CEC/Simplink, make sure HDMI-CEC is enabled on your TV and soundbar. On the TV, go to General → Devices → HDMI Settings to enable HDMI-CEC. At the same time on the soundbar, activate HDMI CEC in its settings.

Enable this function when using LG Sound Sync with an optical connection by going to Sound → Advanced Settings → LG Sound Sync. On the soundbar, turn on Auto Pover. This will ensure that the soundbar synchronizes with the TV and turns on automatically.

To automatically turn on via Bluetooth, activate Auto Pover on the soundbar. In this mode, the optical receiver, Bluetooth and optical receiver work continuously even in standby mode. On the TV, enable the LG Sound Sync feature on early models; on recent LG TVs that use Bluetooth 5.0, this feature is included in the protocol so that the TV and soundbar turn on automatically.

By adjusting these settings, the soundbar will turn on smoothly with the TV, enhancing the user experience.



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