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What are Hide Alerts in iMessage?

This feature is necessary if contact is bothering you at any time.

What does the Moon symbol next to the iMessage mean?

What is the crescent moon symbol in iMessage? Here's what you should know.

How to play Filler on iMessage

Have you heard about the Filler game on iMessage yet? Let me show you how to install it.

How to turn off iMessage for one person

Don't understand how to disable iMessage for a specific contact? Let's figure out how to do it.

How to auto-reply on iMessage on iPhone

Want to set up auto-reply? Here's how you can easily do this on iPhone.

How to recover accidentally deleted iMessage chat on iPhone

Accidentally deleted a chat in iMessage? Here's how you can easily retrieve it on your iPhone.

How long can a video be to be sent via iMessage

Don't know the maximum length in iMessage? Let's figure it out.

How to play Mancala on iMessage

Here's how to install and play Mancala on iMessage.

Why your iMessage is turning off and how to fix this?

If your iMessage constantly shuts down, there are a few fixes to fix it.

How to fix iMessage sending from email instead of your phone number

If you've recently purchased your first iPhone, you probably don't yet know about the Apple ecosystem's intricacies. The fact is that the company has...

Is iMessage free internationally?

About to go abroad and worried that iMessage will start charging you for texting? Don't worry.

How to text yourself in iMessage on iPhone

Not everyone knows that iMessage allows users to create a chat with themselves.

How to play 20 questions on iMessage

Don't know how to play 20 questions right in iMessage? It's pretty easy to do.

How to add a phone number to iMessage on Mac?

In order to have access to iMessage on the Mac and iPhone at the same time, you can easily figure it out.

Does a person get a notification when you use hide alerts?

iMessage doesn't share this secret with your contacts. Here's what else you should know about it.

How to play Sea Battle in iMessage

Here's how you can play classic Sea Battle in iMessage on your iPhone.

Does iMessage use data?

How much data does iMessage use? Is it possible to reduce data usage? Read on.

Does deleting a message on iMessage unsend it?

What new features are available in iMessage with iOS 16?

What does the green “Join” button mean on iMessage

You see a green Join button in a group chat and you don't know what it means? It's actually quite simple.

How to mention someone on iMessage?

What do you need to do to make a contact see that you tagged?

How to play games on iMessage

iMessage allows you to play games with your friends directly in a public chat room.

How to play Gomoku on iMessage

Apple has now made it possible to play games directly in the iMessage app. Including you can play the popular game Gomoku.

How to edit and unsend text messages on iPhone

The long-awaited delete and edit feature is now available in your iMessage.

How to set up automated reply in iMessage

In today's world, people are starting to use text messaging more and more instead of calling. It's much more convenient and faster, and you...

How to disable iMessages

It is quite often when users don't see a necessity to have iMessage enabled, as they mostly communicate with Android users on Windows ones....

How to schedule a text message on iPhone

In today's world, messengers are becoming increasingly popular. It isn't surprising that every day there are more and more new apps for messaging and...

iMessage doesn’t sync on Mac – here’s how to fix it

One of the best features that every Mac device has is iMessage. It's a messaging platform where you can use it to send text...