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How to disable Facebook in-app browser on iPhone or Android

Want to turn off Facebook in-app browser on your mobile device? Here's what you should do.

How to change GrubHub delivery location

Sometimes you may need to change your delivery region on GrubHub. Here's how.

How to change language in League of Legends

Need to change language in LoL? Here's how.

How to create hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

Hyperlinks can be very useful in your document. Here's how you can easily add them.

How to empty trash in Amazon Photos

If you don't have enough cloud space from Amazon, try clearing the Trash folder. Here's how you can easily do this.

How to delete TikTok videos

Need to delete a TikTok video? There's nothing complicated about doing this.

How to add a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in Microsoft Word

Sometimes you may need to add a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in Microsoft Word. Here's how.

How to automatically add citations and bibliography in Microsoft Word

You can easily add citations and bibliography to your Microsoft Word document using these simple steps.

How to use Gmail confidential mode

The confidentiality of your emails must be maintained. That's why Gmail offers a handy solution.

How to use Google Docs version history

Want to keep track of your document version history? Here's how easy it is to do that.

How to use the IMAGE() function in Excel

This functions is now in beta, but you can already use it if you are Office Insider Program member.

How to show formulas instead of values in Google Sheets

Showing formulas instead of values in Google sheets isn't so complicated as it seems. Read on to know how it works.

How to hide playback controls from the iPhone lock screen

Unfortunately, there's no option to hide plauback controls at all. But you can do it for AirPlay.

How to enable emergency bypass on iPhone

DND mode isn't always good. Sometimes you may need to answer an emergency call.

How to change the time on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick

Want to change the time on your Amazon streaming device? Here's how you can do this using simple steps.

How to fix Google Drive “refused to connect” error

Having trouble accessing Google Drive? Here's how you can easily fix it.

How to reset a forgotten Instagram password

Need to reset your password on Instagram? You can easily do it not only using your mobile device, but also using your PC.

Do you need a UPS to protect your PC from power outages?

UPS can save you in situations where the lights go out or the voltage spikes. But do you really need it if you don't have such problems?

How to add to wishlist in Google Play

Want to add an item to your Google Play wishlist? Here's how you can easily do this.

How to check and update BIOS on your Windows PC

Sometimes you may need to check and update BIOS on your Windows PC. You can easily do it, but it can be a little bit risky. Read on,

How to find the serial number of your Windows PC

Can't find the serial number of your Windows PC? Here's how you can easily do it using several methods.

Why is your phone charger hot?

Notice that your smartphone charger is getting hot? Why is it happening? Read on.

Should you turn up the Transmit Power on the Wi-Fi router?

Want to increase the transmit power of your Wi-Fi router? Here's what you should know before you do this.

How to redial the last number that called you

Want to call someone back? Here's how you can do it as fast as possible.

How to set up an Out-of-Office response in Google Calendar

Need a distraction from work and finally a break from the annoying round-the-clock work issues? You can easily set up an Out-of-Office option in your Google Calendar.

Is Dual-Booting harmful to your PC?

Dual-booting Windows and Linux can improve performance, but there can be risks and problems. So can it be harmful for your PC? Read on.

How to clear cache in Microsoft Edge

Clearing the cache can help fix different problems you may encounter when using the browser. Here's how you can easily do it in Microsoft Edge.

How to find your Amazon feedback

Want to find your Amazon review? It's very easy to do on your PC, iPhone or Android.

How to fix Twitch isn’t loading in Google Chrome

Want to watch a stream of your favorite game, but Twitch isn't loading in your Google Chrome? Don't despair. You can fix the problem using these simple instructions.

Does RGB lighting on your PC worth it?

RGB lighting for PCs is unbelievable. Especially if it is properly selected and installed. But is it really worth it? Read on.

How to transfer Google Photos to iCloud

Need to transfer your content from Google Photos to iCloud? Here's how you can easily do it.

How to make a YouTube channel searchable

Incorrect setup of your YouTube channel can hinder its promotion. Just read this article if you want to make your YouTube channel searchable.

How to use clipboard history on Windows 11

Windows 11 allows you to use clipboard history. You can easily enable it and enjoy all its features.

Why subtitles aren’t showing on LG TV?

Not showing subtitles on your LG TV? Here's why.

How to keep your location in Life360 in one place

Life360 is always monitoring your location. But how to keep it in one place? Read on.

How to add alerts to OBS

Want to see donation alerts and other notifications on your stream? Here's what you should do to add them to OBS.

How to change image transparency in Google Slides

Sometimes you need to change image transparency in your Google Slide presentation. But how to do this? Read on.

How to use strikethrough on any cell in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has many useful features and strikethrough is one of them. Follow these steps to apply it in your spreadsheet on any cell.

How to search on Pluto TV

Want to find your favorite show or movies on Pluto TV faster? Here's how you can do it.

Samsung TV AU8000 vs Q80A: Which one should you buy?

People don’t often think about buying a new TV. No wonder most people don’t have time to keep up with technological advances. When choosing...

What is Forced Ads on your Samsung TV

Many people are often annoyed by ads, and they look for ways to turn them off as quickly as possible. I doubt that anyone...

What are the most expensive TikTok gifts?

TikTok doesn't yet have full-fledged monetization, but it's getting there. For now, one of the real ways to make money on this social network...

How to enable two-factor authentication on Discord

Two-factor authentication allows you to better protect your Discord account. Here's how you can enable it.

How to turn off subtitles on your Sceptre TV

Need to disable subtitles on your Sceptre TV? Here's how you can do this.

How to fix you can’t watch Hulu on your laptop or PC

Nowadays, more and more people prefer streaming services instead of regular television. After all, the advantages of streaming services are apparent and lie on...

How to add a device to Google Play

Adding devices to Google Play is easy, and you can do it on many devices. Even iOS devices can use Google Play. However, they...

How to automatically give roles in Discord

Need to automatically give roles in Discord? Here's how you can do it using bots.

How to use YouTube Premium on Apple TV

You can use YouTube Premium on your Apple TV. Here's what you should know.

How to draw on Google Docs

Need to create a drawing in Google Docs? Here's how you can do it.

How to change the source on TCL TV

Need to change the input source on your TCL TV? Here's how you can do this.