As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to add Paramount Plus to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives you the option to subscribe to other services via the Amazon. That may be useful only in two cases: if you want to get Paramount Plus as a channel on Amazon Prime Video and keep content in one place or if your device isn’t supporting the Paramount Plus app but supports Prime Video. Otherwise, if you don’t mind using two apps/websites, that doesn’t matter.

Here’s how to add Paramount Plus to Prime Video.

Do Amazon Prime members get free Paramount Plus?

No, Amazon Prime members don’t get free Paramount Plus. It’s available only as a paid channel. You can subscribe through Prime Video. The only thing you can get for free is a 7-day trial.

I don’t know why, but there’s a lot of flood around the Web saying that you can get free Paramount Plus with Amazon Prime. That’s not true, and Paramount+ isn’t free.

How to watch Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime

To get Paramount Plus with Amazon Prime, you need to go to your Amazon Prime account and find Paramount+ among the channels. But before you start, you need to know that Paramount+ has 2 plans: Essential ($5.99/month, ad-supported) and Paramount+ with SHOWTIME ($11.99, without ads). However, via Amazon Prime, you can subscribe only to the last one, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, and there’s no option to get Paramount+ Essential via Amazon Prime.

Here’s how to add Paramount Plus to Amazon Prime:

  • Open Prime Video App.
  • Search for Paramount+.
  • Click on the channel banner.
  • Choose Learn More.
  • Click on Start 7-day free trial.
  • Confirm your payment details.
  • Click on Start your free trial.

That’s it. After the trial ends, you will be charged via your Amazon Account. The process is almost the same on every device; there may be small variations in steps, but nothing extremely different.

How much is Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime?

There’s no difference in Paramount+ prices on Amazon Prime and when you subscribe directly to Paramount+. The subscription to Paramount+ channel on Prime Video will cost you $12 a month. You don’t have the option to subscribe to Paramount+ Essential, so the cheaper and ad-supported plan is available only with a direct subscription.

You will also get a 7-day free trial, so you can test Paramount Plus and cancel the trial if you don’t want to pay for it.

How to link Paramount Plus to Amazon Prime

There’s no way to link an existing Paramount Plus account to Amazon Prime; you can’t use your Paramount Plus subscription you made directly with Paramount or with any other store (like Google Play or App Store) to watch content via Prime Video. You can’t transfer your Paramount Plus account to Prime Video, so you must cancel your existing subscription and subscribe via Amazon Prime.

However, this way, you will lose your existing library, so if you’re okay with 2 separate apps, maybe that just isn’t worth all this mess with canceling and subscribing once again.

There are a lot of such questions in the comments, and that’s a sad but true answer. You can’t link them; there’s no workaround. The only thing you can do is cancel your Paramount Plus subscription and then subscribe on Amazon.

When you subscribe through Amazon, you can verify your account and use your subscription to watch the Paramount+ channel on Prime Video and content on the Paramount Plus website or in the Paramount Plus app.

See the next paragraph for more information.

Can you use your Paramount Plus subscription made with Amazon Prime to watch content on the Paramount app?

Maybe this header isn’t the best, but we will talk about a simple thing: Can you subscribe to Paramount Plus via Amazon Prime and then use a Paramount Plus subscription separately outside of Amazon Prime?

You can. But first, you need to verify that you have a subscription. I know it’s a bit inconvenient, but that’s the only way Paramount can check that you’re subscribed via another platform. To verify your subscription, you need to go and follow the instructions. The process is simple and takes a couple of minutes.

You need to verify only once, and your Paramount Plus subscription you’ve made through Amazon Prime will work as the default one.


  1. I subscribed to Paramount plus before it was offered through Amazon. There are places where I can not access Paramount plus, but can still get to amazon. Is there a way to use it through Amazon with out having to pay again?

  2. Can you watch Paramount plus on Amazon prime via the Amazon app on Dish Network Hopper? I would love that since I would not have to introduce another element to my TV. Thank you.

  3. How do you cancel your Paramount plus subscription during the free trial? I got it through Prime but want to cancel before the 7 days are up.

  4. For me, I prefer to download ParamountPlus videos offline with Kigo Paramount+ Video Downloader to play locally, which also supports downloading in MP4 or MKV formats with up to 1080p.

  5. IF you subscribed through Prime, go to… and enter you amazon account. You will then be able to create a paramountplus account free to use on other devices or online. Billing will continue through Amazon.

  6. I have paramount + thru Amazon prime. Last week I was able to watch blue bloods season 12 as part of the streaming service. Now it wants me to pay for each episode?? What changed?!

  7. How can I get to watch Paramount + thru the app as well as Prime, where I subscribe for the Paramount + account? Can I watch both? Thank you. FYI: this is & always has been my favorite station for my tv shows. Thank you for the programming!

    • Same with me. I was charged for each per month. I had to choose the app or thru Prime video and cancel one. Still doesn’t make sense!

    • To watch Paramount plus you must order it through the Paramount Plus app not the Amazon app because you’re only paying for Paramount as a Amazon video channel that makes sense to you


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