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Why does Spotify keep crashing, and how to fix it

Are you experiencing unstable Spotify performance? Here's why and how to fix it.

How to get Hulu with Spotify Premium as a student 

There is one way to get Hulu with Spotify Premium. You can learn more about it in this article.

How to stop Spotify from opening on startup on Mac

In this article you can learn how to stop Spotify from opening on startup.

How to clear your Spotify queue

Want to clear your queue on Spotify? Here's how you can do it.

How to change Spotify email language

Are you receiving emails from Spotify in a foreign language? Here's what you can do to fix it.

How to change Spotify language

Want to change the language on Spotify? Here's how.

How to share a Spotify playlist

Want to share your Spotify playlist with friends? Here's how.

How to log out of all devices on Spotify

Want to sign out of Spotify everywhere? Here's how.

How to cancel a Spotify Premium subscription

Want to cancel your Spotify Premium? Here's how.

How to share Spotify songs to Instagram Story

Want to share your favorite Spotify songs to Instagram Stories? Here's how.

What is Spotify Enhance and how to use it

Want to broaden your musical horizons on Spotify? Here's how Enhance can help with that.

How to disable Spotify opening on start in Windows 11

Are you tired of Spotify opening up every time you turn on Windows 11? Let me help you turn it off.

How to create a Collaborative Spotify playlist

Want to share music on Spotify with your friends? Here's how you can create a Collaborative playlist.

How to add local files and songs to Spotify

Want to upload your local music to Spotify? Here's how.

How to view lyrics on Spotify

Want to see lyrics of your favorite songs on Spotify? Here's how.

How to fix Spotify autoplay isn’t working

Problems with Autoplay on Spotify? Here's how you can fix it.

Spotify probably going to raise its prices

Don't rush to switch to spotify because of the low price. This may change in the near future.

How to fix Spotify keeps pausing

Here's how you can get rid of annoying pauses on Spotify.

How to clear Spotify cache

You can do this on your mobile device and PC as well.

How to set up Spotify Sleep Timer

If you use your Smart TV all the time, you may have noticed that it has a built-in sleep timer feature. The TV automatically...

How to delete a playlist on Spotify

Sooner or later, if you listen to music on Spotify, you add playlists. Surely you may like them for a while. However, if you...

How to delete your Spotify account

If you stop using Spotify and switch to another service and if you don't want your account to be used, you can permanently close...

How to convert a Spotify playlist to Apple Music

Within some time, users make a decision to move from their Spotify to Apple Music, so here are some questions. Of course, there were...

How to cancel Spotify Premium subscription

It's well known that Spotify is a Swedish music service available in nearly 120 countries. Plus, it has a range of more than 50...

How to change the email address on Spotify

Today, almost every user has an email account. You really can't go anywhere without it. If you want to sign up for any service,...

How to use Spotify Listen Alike feature

Spotify has long shown its high-quality service for listening to music. The program offers its listeners many unique features, including Listen Alike. In short,...

How to log into Showtime with Spotify

Spotify is a Swedish music service available in nearly 120 countries. It has a catalog of more than 50 million songs and 4 billion...

How to log in to Hulu with Spotify explained

When you think about streaming video services, the first service that probably comes to mind is Netflix. However, that is not the only option....

How to unlink Spotify from PS4 account

Spotify and PlayStation may seem like a wonderful duo. And it really is. After all, if you use Spotify on your PS4, for example,...

How to use Spotify on Roku devices

Spotify was removed from Roku devices for almost all of 2018, the app has returned to Roku devices in October 2018. That means that...