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GuidesHow to delete your Spotify account explained

How to delete your Spotify account explained

Spotify is a streaming platform that is popular all over the world. It offers a lot of songs you can listen to online, or download and listen offline. However, sometimes you might be bored with Spotify or you just want to change to another streaming service. In this case, you can take the opportunity to close and delete your account. So, if you want to do that – this article will tell you how.

How to close your Spotify account

First of all, make sure that you have canceled your Spotify Premium subscription because if not, you will have to contact the technical support team to delete your account remotely. You also need to know that your Spotify account can only be closed using the website in your internet browser. You can’t do this through a mobile app.

If you have already unsubscribed or never had a subscription, just follow these steps:

  • Sign in here (this link takes you to Spotify contact form);
  • Choose Account;
  • Then, click I want to close my account to close it yourself;
  • Next, follow the steps on the page.

What happens after you delete your Spotify account

If you change your mind about closing and deleting your Spotify account, you can reactivate it within 7 days. After that deadline, your account will be permanently unavailable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a new one.

You should also be aware of some special aspects:

  • You will not be able to use the same username again;
  • You won’t have access to your playlists, subscribers, or anything stored in your library.
  • If you have a student discount, you can only apply it to another account after 12 months from the date you used your discount.

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