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FixWhy does Spotify keep crashing and how to fix it

Why does Spotify keep crashing and how to fix it

The most famous application that allows you to listen to music on various devices and select playlists is Spotify. The application has become popular due to its simple interface and good service on various devices. In addition, Spotify itself offers a bunch of different benefits and allows you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere and anytime.

Spotify is available on a variety of operating systems, including Android and iOS. Although, it often happens that users encounter problems in the form of Spotify Keeps Crashing.

Don’t worry if you have this problem, because such cases are common and it’s easy to fix. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of such problems as crashing Spotify. The methods you find out about here can be used both on your PC and on your smartphone.

What can cause such problem

First, in order to fix the problem, you need to find out what could have caused this state of your application. There could be multiple reasons behind the Spotify app crashing. These reasons are:

  • Not enough storage. A common situation when there isn’t enough memory on your device. Typically, Spotify uses a lot of storage space and if you don’t have enough of it, or it’s clogged with other things – the app would crash
  • Outdated App. Normally, Spotify should update automatically, especially when the app has bugs and glitches, but you may have disabled the auto-update function and now just need to update Spotify manually
  • Old iOS. If you are using an iOS device, the reason why Spotify may not be an updated version of iOS. Not only should the application itself be updated, but you should also remember to do the same with the system
  • Cache Problem. Also, one of the reasons may be the cache of this application. The rest of this article will tell you how to fix this problem
  • Low Power Mode. You should check if your Spotify app is put on low power mode. The low-power is the thing that wouldn’t let your Spotify app run with its full potential. Such ana abrupt change in controls can also cause your app to crash
  • App Corrupted Issue. If Spotify often flies out, it’s possible that the application itself is corrupted. In this case, it’s better to simply reinstall the application

 Is there any ways to fix Spotify crashing issue

In general, when you encounter frequent flyovers on Spotify, there are ways to fix it:

  • Log out Spotify and re-login. If your Spotify app is crashing while you play any song from the album or playlist, then it’s time to log out of it:
    1. Open Spotify. Go to the ‘Home’ icon
    2. Click on the settings ‘gear’ icon
    3. Scroll till the bottom and click on ‘Logout
    4. Once you log out of Spotify, you will be asked again for your login ID. Enter it, and then check if the problem’s still there
  • Try to restart your iPhone. What if your Spotify app keeps crashing? iPhone force restart option would be helpful then. Here’s how to do it:
    • To force restart iPhone 8 or iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13, simply press and quickly release the volume up button / press and quickly release the volume down button / then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button
    • To force restart iPhone 7, press and hold both the volume down button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons
    • In order to force restart iPhone 6s or iPhone SE (1st generation) – press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons
  • Change Internet to see if it fix Spotify crashing issue. It’s known that Spotify can have glitches or bugs if you change from one network to another. If you’ve switched from a private to a public or office network, go back to the private network. By switching back to a private network will prevent the Spotify from abnormal behavior, and you would get to use it
  • Uninstall Spotify and Reinstall. As mentioned above, if you have encountered Spotify’s villettes, it’s likely that the application itself hasn’t been updated for a long time, and to manually update it, use the steps below:
    1. Open Spotify
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Tap on Storage
    4. Delete the cache
    5. Tap iPhone Storage
    6. Click on Offload the app and confirm it
    7. Then select Delete App
    8. Once it deletes, force restart your iPhone
    9. Switch it on again and go to the App Store
    10. Install Spotify
  • Clear Cache. Follow these simple steps to clear cache:
    1. Open the Settings application on your android smartphone. Then scroll down and select the Apps option in the list
    2. Now select the Manage Apps option in the list
    3. Next type Spotify text on the top search box. After that, it will be showing Spotify app. Now select that app
    4. Then scroll down and select the Clear Data option on the bottom. Then select the Clear Cache option
    5. Now restart your smartphone

And that is pretty much all on how to fix Spotify crashing issue.



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