As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to connect the Roku remote to your TV or Roku device

Want to sync your Roku remote without pairing button? Here's how.

Is Pixel Fold dust proof?

The Pixel Fold has an IPX8 rating, indicating no dust resistance but offering water resistance up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Samsung Q60C review

Samsung Q60C has affordable QLED, vibrant display, solid sound, extensive smart capabilities, and good connectivity, with some brightness and refresh rate limitations.

Is Pixel Fold waterproof?

Google's Pixel Fold, while IPX8 water-resistant and capable of being submerged, carries a risk due to no warranty coverage for water damage.

How to delete apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Comprehensive tutorial for uninstalling user-downloaded apps on Samsung Smart TVs, spanning 2014-2023 models.

How to clear continue watching on Disney Plus?

Despite this, managing your viewing history on Disney Plus is quite difficult, requiring some workarounds, such as rewinding to the end of a movie you didn't finish watching.

How to charge Samsung SolarCell Remote

The Samsung SolarCell Remote charges via its back panel from light or directly using its Type-C port for quick power-ups.

How to unarchive a list in Trello

You can quickly unarchive the lists in Trello using the archive management.

Is IMEI the same as MEID?

MEID and IMEI are unique phone identifiers for CDMA and GSM networks, respectively, with MEID including letters and IMEI only digits.

How to use Q Symphony on Samsung TV

Q-Symphony synchronises Samsung TVs and soundbars for enhanced sound. Connect this feature through your TV's sound settings.

Amazon Fire TV OS by year 

In 2014, Fire OS 5.0 was released with Amazon Fire TV, marking its expansion from mobile devices to TVs, Amazon is still developing and refining this OS for TVs and tablets.

How MacOS default wallpaper changed over time

Exploring Apple's MacOS wallpaper evolution from 2001-2023, reflecting technological and design shifts alongside personal insights on each era's aesthetic.

How to cancel FuboTV

Want to unsubscribe from FuboTV? Here's how it works on different platforms.

How to get Vizio TV out of Demo Mode or Store Mode

Your Vizio TV stuck in Store or Demo Mode? Here's how you can get out of it.

How to fix Vizio TV isn’t turning on

If your Visio TV doesn't turn on, you can do a power cycle or even hard reset by holding the sound and input buttons for 10-15 seconds.

Samsung QN90C vs QN90B

QN90C and QN90B offer excellent picture quality, and great brightness. My preference leans towards the QN90C due to its IPS panels. However, if you find a good deal on the QN90B, it's still a solid choice.

How to convert YouTube to mp3

Here you find out how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files in just a few steps.

How to change GrubHub delivery location

To change your GrubHub delivery location, you can use the mobile app or website. Simply go to Account settings, select the Address menu, and update the delivery address.

How to use Multi View on Samsung Smart TV

The Multi View feature on Samsung TVs lets you watch multiple things at once on the same screen. To activate Multi View, just press the Multi View button on your Samsung remote. Some models allow you to display up to 4 streams at the same time, while others have a limit of 2 streams.

What is TIFA or PSID on Samsung TV?

PSID, is a unique code from Samsung for better Smart TV privacy. It's a changeable identifier solely for your TV.

Samsung Q60C vs CU8000

Samsung Q60C vs. CU8000: Q60C wins with better picture, gaming, and features, but comes at a slightly higher price.

How to stop LG TV’s home menu start-up

You can disable the automatic appearance of the WebOS menu. Disable this feature in Home Settings.

Turn off art pictures during LG TV no signal message

To disable picture displays during the "No Signal" message on your LG TV, access the hidden options and simply turn it off.

How to disable the LG logo during TV shutdown

You can turn off the LG logo appearing during a TV shutdown.

Samsung Q60B vs Q60C

A comparison between two nearly identical TVs Q60C vs Q60B, available at the same price; however, distinct differences exist between them.

How to use Roku remote app

You can control Roku with the Roku mobile app. Download it to your iOS or Android device to use your phone as a remote control.

Android phone not connecting to Wi-Fi – How to fix?

For Wi-Fi issues on your Android, start with a restart or adjust network settings. Disable VPN if needed. If problems persist, reset all network settings to potentially resolve the Wi-Fi problem.

How to cancel Paramount Plus on Roku

You can cancel your Paramount Plus subscription either directly on your Roku device or through the Roku website.

How to turn off TruMotion on LG TV

You can turn off the annoying TruMotion feature in a few steps. Go to Advanced Settings, then to Clarity where you will find this feature.

How to reset LG TV

Here's how you can reset new and old versions of LG TV in a few steps.

How add Spotify on Roku devices

You can get Spotify on your Roku device in different ways: through your Roku device, the Roku Channel Store, or the Roku mobile app.

How to forward Netflix emails to another address

If you share your Netflix account with others, you can set up automatic transfer of access codes via Gmail.

What is TV contrast ratio?

Contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest and darkest points a TV can display.

How to fix a red screen on a PC or laptop

A red screen often results from a display-PC connection issue or a loose ribbon cable connecting the laptop display. System issues might rarely contribute to the problem.