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GuidesHow to use Multi View on Samsung Smart TV

How to use Multi View on Samsung Smart TV

Today the smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. We spend more than half the day with a smartphone in our hands. When watching TV, we sometimes look at the phone or even pause the playback to answer a friend.

Samsung tried to solve such a problem and introduced several features in its new Smart TVs, expanding the functionality of the devices. A big step was the Multi-View feature, which allows you to simultaneously use a mobile device and a TV on the same screen.

What is Multi View and how it works

Multi View is a feature that allows you to simultaneously stream two video content on a split-screen. On the splitter screen, you can watch your favorite content from multiple sources, including a TV tuner, STB, streaming, or Blue-ray.

The TV will play both videos simultaneously and you can, for example, place the mobile image on one side, overlay it in picture-in-picture mode, or directly split the screen to provide the same space for both image sources.

Depending on the model, the TV screen can be divided into two or four parts. Each area can display its own content: TV broadcasts, content from an app, or just a picture from a smartphone.

This feature can be very useful if you want to watch several sports events at the same time or if you get a video call from a friend and you don’t want to be distracted from watching. There are many situations when you can use this function but not everyone knows how to activate it.

Sound settings in Multi View feature on Samsung TVs

If there is no problem with the double image on the TV, as there are many possibilities for the placement of the picture, with sound things are a little more complicated. If you just use Facebook or read the news while watching TV, there will be no problem with the sound, because there will be only one source of the sound – your TV.

However, in case both video signals contain sound for playback, watching such content will be uncomfortable for you. Therefore, Multi View offers you several options for audio playback:

  • You can play sound from two devices at once and control the volume of each device separately, for example, to quiet down what is less important to you (that’s the same as managing your sound on Mac or PC)
  • Or you can completely mute one resource

So you can decide for yourself which sound option suits you best.

What are the ways to connect your phone or tablet to the TV

To use the Multi View feature through your phone or tablet, you need to connect them to your TV. You can use a variety of connections, both cable, and wireless. For a wired connection, you can use HDMI/USB-C connections, and for a wireless format, you can use Wi-Fi or AirPlay (if you use an iOS device).

For the fastest possible connection, Samsung’s new TVs have added Tap View, which allows you to connect your device just by touching it to the TV

How to turn on Multi View on your Samsung TV

In Samsung TVs, it’s very simple to turn on the Multi View feature, and for this, you need to:

  1. Press the {Home} button on the remote, and then select “Multi View” (looks like three rectangles with a plus symbol in the middle) or you can also use a one-touch {Multi View} button right on the remote
  2. In the menu you need to select the first source (TV or phone)
  3. Then a split-screen will appear, one screen will stream the content you previously selected, and the second screen you will set up next
  4. A menu will appear to select the next source; this could be streaming, a game console, your phone, whatever you can connect to your TV
  5. If one of your sources is already connected to your TV, you can access it by selecting the “select app/source” option. If it’s YouTube, for example, you can go in and select a specific video.
  6. If you want to stream content from your phone, you need to turn on “Screen mirroring” on your device
  7. Once you connect, your phone’s screen will automatically appear in one of your TV’s free screen
  8. After selecting sources, you can adjust the size of the windows and move them around. Make one larger or smaller

That way you can easily connect almost any device to your TV and stream content from two devices on the big screen at once.



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