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GuidesWhat is PSID on Samsung TV

What is PSID on Samsung TV

In the Samsung TV settings, you can see the “Reset PSID” item. This setting is in the menu

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PSID is a personal identification number for your TV to display ads. This number is a one-way, hashed, anonymized, randomized and resettable ID. It is generated when you turn on your TV for the first time or after a reboot.

Why do you need a PSID?

PSID is used by Samsung to track your preferences when you watch movies, search the web, or browse the Internet. It is designed to personalize your preferences and deliver you the most relevant ads in the form of ads or recommended movies.

How does PSID work?

If you allow Samsung to show ads based on interests, the operating system generates a PSID, this number will be transmitted to Samsung’s servers. This number will be used to analyze your advertising activity. You will be shown personalized ads. For example, if you watch the trailer of a new sci-fi movie, you will be shown ads for new sci-fi movies and shows. The good news is that you can always turn off personalized ads.

If you don’t want to receive personalized ads, you can always turn off personal data collection in the settings and reset your ID.

Is it possible to collect confidential information using PSID

According to the information provided by Samsung ( link), PSID is an anonymous identifier, Samsung does not track your exact location or collect sensitive information. As I said before, you can turn off data collection for your preferences and reset the PSID.

What happens when you reset the PSID

When you select and activate the PSID reset function, the ID will be deleted from the Samsung servers memory. All previously collected information about your viewing preferences will be deleted.



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