As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Does AirTag make noise?

Your AirTag may be beeping when it's away from your device or is travelling for a lot of time with another Apple device.

How to get Google Chrome on Samsung TV in different ways

You can't download or install Google Chrome on Samsung Smart TV. But here's what you can do instead.

What does the other person see when you hide alerts on your iPhone?

On iPhone, you can hide alerts for a specific chat in Messages. And if you do this, no one will know.

How much is a Lion gift on TikTok

That's one of the most expensive gifts you can buy on TikTok.

How to get ESPN+ on LG Smart TV

ESPN+ isn't available on LG Smart TV. However, there are plenty of ways to watch it.

Here’s a Netflix password-sharing workaround

With new Netflix policy update you can't share your Netflix password with people outside your household: here's what does it mean and what you can do.

How much is Hulu? Prices and plans compared

Hulu is a great streaming service to subscribe to, especially if you're a cord-cutter, as this streaming service offers a wide selection of TV series. The basic plan is $8.

How to choose the right streaming service for you

There are too many streamings all around. And if you like to watch different content, you may go crazy with subscription receipts. Especially when streaming services are raising their prices. So you need to choose the right one to use money wisely.

Why do we review some articles?

Here's why there's written "This article was reviewed by..."

What is TV color accuracy?

TV color accuracy is how your TV displays colors on the screen and how close they are to real colors. This parameter is very important for the correct perception of the picture on the screen.

Here’s why AirPods may beeping (and how to fix this)

Airpods emit beeps for several reasons such as low battery, charging beep, and anti-theft mechanism. Also, there are other reasons that may trigger the beeping.

What is HDR TV?

HDR is a technology that enriches the picture on your TV with a wider color gamut, higher color volume, contrast ratio, and more precise color accuracy.

How to find out who is phone number registered to?

That's not a trivial task to find who was calling you, but if you don't want to call back, you can search for number or use reverse phone lookup services.

How to check email

Easily access your email via Xfinity's platform. Whether on desktop or mobile, stay connected to your inbox with these comprehensive, user-friendly steps.

How to see how you would look with a buzzed head

Before buzzing your head, virtually test the look! From apps like Bald Booth to visualization, discover if the buzz suits you.

How Google Chrome became the world’s most popular browser

The journey from 0% to 70% and 3.2 billion users.

Here’s how to get an alert when iPhone is fully charged

You can create a shortcut to notify you when iPhone is fully charged and that's convenient.

What does EUC mean on eBay?

EUC is one of the tags that may be included in the eBay offering, And it will help you to buy the best items and save money.

What is And how to access this email

Well, that's a domain name, and currently, it isn't working. So why you're reading about it? Because you may have this domain in your email address, am I right?

Here’s how to create a URL link to MP3 audio file

Transform mp3 to URL means upload it on a server and then, provide a link to an mp3 file, And you can do this on your website, as well as using Google Drive.

How to make a spoiler text on 4chan

Spoiler tag or black text is a way to hide some info, so other users will read it only if they will hover it with a mouse cursor.

4chan captcha is a joke

Like 20 attempts. ONE success.

How to do exponents in Java

You can use 4 methods to calculate exponent in Java: Math.pow(), BigInteger.pow(), for-loop and while-loop.

What is F: Drive on the computer?

The F: Drive is the 4th drive in your computer, as the letters are assigned alpabetically, starting from C: drive.

How to make a cent sign on keyboard

Cent isn't one of symbols that are easy-to-access, so most people even don't know how to make ¢ symbol. But that's easy, especially on Mac on iPhone.

AOL chat rooms are gone; here’s what you can use instead

The AOL chat rooms are shut down, but here's other great services similar to the old-but-gold chat rooms.

How to send texts with a different phone number

There's a lot of options to send texts from a different phone number. You can buy second-SIM, ask your friend for a phone, or use text services.

X is the wrong name for social media. That’s why

The Twitter is gone, now it's X. And the name is bad.

How to call your own phone

There's a lot of options to find a misplaced phone: ask a friend to call you, use Find My or use third-party services.

Can you browse a Facebook Marketplace without an account?

You can't just go to Marketplace if you're not signed in, you will be redirected on login page. But you can still search marketplace without a Facebook account, you just need to Google location.

Is Threads going to kill Twitter?

Threads is a great Instagram extension and it ads completely new feature: now, Instagram users can run their own microblogs. But that's not enough to kill Twitter.

What is a burner phone?

Burner phones offer short-term, disposable communication tools. They provide a layer of privacy and protect your primary number from spam and unwanted calls. Their applications range from travel to safeguarding personal data.

Who makes Hisense TVs? A detailed report

Hisense TVs are made by Chinese-based company Hisense Visual Technology Company. Now, Hisense is one of top-5 TV brands with the 10.6% market share.

Meta Threads is coming, and that may be the one to really compete with Twitter

Here's one more Twittter competitors seems to come. And now there's everythings to succeed, including a large users base!